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Do you define what is "right" by what society deems ok, by what suits you, or by a higher cause?

Do you define it by whats "best" and not just whats best for you?

And do you find evil acceptable if the perpetrator didnt know what they did was wrong?


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  • Dec 6 2012: Each and every person has a different idea of right. Many are taught the same definition but, in crunch times, it comes down to a person's conscience. By doing what suits you, it many feel you are doing what is right but an onlooker may feel that what you are doing is in your own interests, and is not their definition of right. Right is found from our upbringing in education, social aspects, and our parents/guardians. It cannot be defined, simply labelled. A common example is politicians. They feel their policies are 'right' but obviously their opponents may feel otherwise. By saying 'right is what is best', again, is hard to decide upon. What is best? It too is down to your conscience and your own mindset. Very rarely is something in black and white, there seems to be a lot of hazy gray in there.

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