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Have you tried to push the limits of your mind?

What do you think while you are eating something? Only the taste, or to finish it to turn back to what else you are doing… Have you ever thought that it might take more 30 years just to digest one meal, if there were no enzymes in your stomach :)
What do you think when you look at the mirror? Only to make your hair, brush your teeth, look nice? You see trillions of cells working in harmony “in the mirror”. These cells decide, act, defend, communicate and live for you. You don’t need to command them what to do, they already know it before you do…
Wide and deep thinking is a miraculous instrument for intelligence. And life can be better when you think about it.
That was such a video that breaks the routine in the mind…


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    Dec 16 2012: I don't know exactly what your question is. You want that I tell you more about why the reality you are perceiving as 'real' is NOT what you believe it is? I wrote already, that our worldview with all the concepts we have about every thing, has developed from the beginning of humankind and was (still is) the interpretation from simple and naive minds with a (very) limited awareness about themselves and their surrounding. Of course this interpretation coming from such underdeveloped creatures was a misinterpretation and even though this was updated during time, it is still mostly an erroneous view of what there is. Also the mindset of people were constantly manipulated by clever guys who used their power and authority to make others dependent and so being able to use them for their own benefit. Has there something changed about it in our days? Look at the goals and values that are established in our society. Most of it is fake and serves certain interests of the established power structure. Is this beneficial for humanity? Then look at the misery all around! People are suffering not only in 'underdeveloped countries'! It is every where all around! This is real and the result of the fake reality that people are trying to live.
    People's established mindset gives them a frame and a certain security, even though it is based on fake. So they don't want that this is touched, so that they don't fall into unknown spaces. So then they don't question themselves and not the established system of this society. How much more people must suffer, before they wake up? This is our situation and reality! And NOT all those beautiful pictures and high pitched spiritual concepts that are offered and so easily are received as a welcomed survival way (trick)! Isn't it quite obvious, that we are living in a big scam and every one with ones own?
    If you want a 'bit' more, then please ask...

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