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Have you tried to push the limits of your mind?

What do you think while you are eating something? Only the taste, or to finish it to turn back to what else you are doing… Have you ever thought that it might take more 30 years just to digest one meal, if there were no enzymes in your stomach :)
What do you think when you look at the mirror? Only to make your hair, brush your teeth, look nice? You see trillions of cells working in harmony “in the mirror”. These cells decide, act, defend, communicate and live for you. You don’t need to command them what to do, they already know it before you do…
Wide and deep thinking is a miraculous instrument for intelligence. And life can be better when you think about it.
That was such a video that breaks the routine in the mind…


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    Dec 7 2012: Wow Dolunay is it more pushing the limits of the mind or being fully conscious and present? Not playing with semantics simply thinking of how many things that make my body function that I have no ability to start or stop. It is indeed incredible. We are truly skillfully and wonderfully made!
    I'd LOVE to continue the conversation with you. You've definitely made me pause, think and be even more grateful!:~)
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      Dec 7 2012: Sooo glad than you feel this way. That would be wonderful for me to speak with you too. I'm trying to improve myself as much as I can, and if it works on me, I try to spread it to other people. Science is really entertaining and amazing when you deeply think about the wisdom in it.
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        Dec 10 2012: Dolunay, I've been thinking more about being fully present and allowing us to be fully present (whatever that means to them). Years ago an employee of an organization I belonged to shared his observation of me. In essence, my lows are many people's highs. This thought prompted me to think that indeed we are only as limited as we believe we are. In that vein there are varying degrees than. Would you agree with that? Dolunay that you would pose such a thought provoking question in such a liberating way that (responses bearing witness) many people interpret it in such an empowering way is confirmation of being unlimited. All of these minds have come together and taken the energy to confirm the validity of your question. To quote a well embraced colloquialism, "the tribe has spoken".
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          Dec 10 2012: Dear Jacqui, yes I agree with you.
          And I think most important limitations for people are ignorance and carelessness. And these opiates of mind (I call them like this because they prevent thinking and productivity) can catch all of us time to time, and one can free himself/herself from these by pushing the limits of the mind...
          And I think you are a brilliant person, who needs to share her ideas wide and more… :)
          Let me tell you something else to think about; have you ever thought that many fruits have been packaged on the trees, totally suitable for our mouth and hand :) Like mandarin or orange. Their cover is stronger than any packing system that we can produce. Such a cover that breaths, and protects the fruit fresh for a very long time. And when you peel it off, you see the delicious perfectly packed juicy, vitamin plus, sugar bags each have original taste and scent. But also it is so amazing that all trees use the same scentless and tasteless water and soil to produce these different jewels of stomach...
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          Dec 15 2012: The concept of 'being fully present' is the most tricky trap that will prevent the realization of it.

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