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Have you tried to push the limits of your mind?

What do you think while you are eating something? Only the taste, or to finish it to turn back to what else you are doing… Have you ever thought that it might take more 30 years just to digest one meal, if there were no enzymes in your stomach :)
What do you think when you look at the mirror? Only to make your hair, brush your teeth, look nice? You see trillions of cells working in harmony “in the mirror”. These cells decide, act, defend, communicate and live for you. You don’t need to command them what to do, they already know it before you do…
Wide and deep thinking is a miraculous instrument for intelligence. And life can be better when you think about it.
That was such a video that breaks the routine in the mind…


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    Dec 7 2012: The way you describe "pushing the limits of your mind" reminds me a lot of meditation. By allowing yourself to be fully present in every moment, to be fully aware and in tune with the smallest details, such as the taste, texture, etc. of food while you are eating instead of being distracted, you are bring your conscious awareness to the present moment -- one of the most important aspects of meditation! A lot of things are taken for granted in the world that we live in today, but by slowing down and acknowledging the beauty of every little thing, it changes your perception of everything. Life truly is amazing... from the bigger concepts to the smaller details e.g. the trillions of cells working together in our bodies that add up to us! Great question... you certainly got me thinking :)
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      Dec 7 2012: That is wonderful, I can define this "meditation" concept more like a sharper awareness of being in the world and being alive..
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      Dec 15 2012: Exactly! Meditation is the training of ones "conscious awareness", that then we can practice also in our daily life, not falling too much into the trap of distraction...

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