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Have you tried to push the limits of your mind?

What do you think while you are eating something? Only the taste, or to finish it to turn back to what else you are doing… Have you ever thought that it might take more 30 years just to digest one meal, if there were no enzymes in your stomach :)
What do you think when you look at the mirror? Only to make your hair, brush your teeth, look nice? You see trillions of cells working in harmony “in the mirror”. These cells decide, act, defend, communicate and live for you. You don’t need to command them what to do, they already know it before you do…
Wide and deep thinking is a miraculous instrument for intelligence. And life can be better when you think about it.
That was such a video that breaks the routine in the mind…

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    Dec 7 2012: The way you describe "pushing the limits of your mind" reminds me a lot of meditation. By allowing yourself to be fully present in every moment, to be fully aware and in tune with the smallest details, such as the taste, texture, etc. of food while you are eating instead of being distracted, you are bring your conscious awareness to the present moment -- one of the most important aspects of meditation! A lot of things are taken for granted in the world that we live in today, but by slowing down and acknowledging the beauty of every little thing, it changes your perception of everything. Life truly is amazing... from the bigger concepts to the smaller details e.g. the trillions of cells working together in our bodies that add up to us! Great question... you certainly got me thinking :)
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      Dec 7 2012: That is wonderful, I can define this "meditation" concept more like a sharper awareness of being in the world and being alive..
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      Dec 15 2012: Exactly! Meditation is the training of ones "conscious awareness", that then we can practice also in our daily life, not falling too much into the trap of distraction...
  • Dec 10 2012: The mind is the final frontier. In each and every day I try to push my mind to the limit never knowing what I will find. It is nice to live in the moment too, to be entralled by the sight of seeing my farm from the hillside with a red barn and house with a large pile of wood on the back porch, the smell of wood smoke and the special taste of steel cut oats and blueberries in the morning. Focusing on the present is a way to escape the tyranny of my own mind.

    While some may find it desirable to stretch the limit of your mind it can also be a curse---the constant need to think, to discover to invent to do research, etc. While some might find this surprising the desire to push your mind to the limit can have detrimental side effects.
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      Dec 11 2012: One of my teachers used to say that; mind is a "terra incognita" (unexplored area) for humanity. We know that we can only use a few percentage of it. But it is there to discover. I cannot imagine a life without thinking. Brain is a splendid organ that its nerves can build and break connections with each other depending on your experiences. And these connections can get stronger day by day if you use them and weaken if you don’t. So, if someone inspires himself with positive, clever and useful ideas that person will intend to act according to them, and they will get stronger day by day. So, as a scientific fact, it will go beyond “need” and become a part of you.
      However if someone constantly conditions himself to feel sadness, misery and think about the worst all the time, these will take control of his life. For example, some people who generally have a miserable mood and crying condition actually like doing that, because the synapsis and nerve routes about these feelings are stronger than any other and finally they become mentally addicted to these feelings. Of course I’m not talking about everyone, just trying to express the scientific fact. So, it becomes harder to break these routes and build new ones. However it is possible to end misery with constant trying, let’s say by “pushing the limits of mind”. And generally when someone learns that he/she is doing this to him/herself, they stop doing it.
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    Dec 10 2012: The mind is an amazing and beautiful thing, and I don't think we give as much credit to it as it deserves. The mind is the center of our worlds; it controls our lives and changes the way we live and think and experience things. Pushing the limits of our minds is something that people do everyday, but in the wrong way. We constantly push our limits by loading ourselves with the endless tasks of life: work, school, household, big decisions, etc., but in the end we are left exhausted and worn out. And to what avail, may I ask? It's time to step back from daily life and really take a different perspective of not only our lives, but also ourselves. It is time to examine who we really are, and change our lifestyles so that we are pushing the limits of our minds in the RIGHT way, leading to self-actualization, not exhaustion and burnout.
  • Dec 8 2012: What you are really speaking of is belief. If I believe anything is possible, therefore, then there is no limit and anything is possible.
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      Dec 15 2012: Established belief systems are an effective trick to survive. A belief can give motivation and enough drive to go for it when wanting to realize it, but fact is, that sooner or later the best belief will be worn out and will let one be left in an empty space with the chance and need to confront oneself. That could be the best opportunity to look behind the scam in that one was trapped and start to see the world and oneself in a different light...
      • Dec 17 2012: Edison believed in his invention - the incandescent bulb. The fruits of his belief were'nt realized until after over 1000 attempts , or , you could say failures. Belief - the catalyst for today to reach the possibilities of tomorrow. It is always helpful to have fellow believers who have the same vision. The impossiblilties of today become the possibilities of tomorrow hinging on that one little word. All things are possible to him that believes.
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    Dec 7 2012: Wonderful point Dolunay,

    Yes I keep pushing my mind constantly and falling off the cliff. But only to climb back.

    Human mind and our thinking potential is amazing. Several ordinary people achieved many extraordinary things by pushing their minds to the limits and not conforming to what they have been told.

    Yet we live in a world of sensible humans and insensible beings. We consider ourselves to be te most intelligent of species and yet defy our own intelect willingly and do what we know is wrong. For instance, we know know that smoking in injurious to our health and can kill us, yet we willingly choose to smoke. We are a baffling set of beings to say the least. I do not know of any other species that does this.

    We are often great thinkers but seldom great doers. You bring up a very interesting point. Thanks for sharing!!!
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      Dec 7 2012: Agree with you, love your blog and the quotation below by the way! Very inspiring...
      "A hero is no braver than an ordinary man, but he is brave five minutes longer." Ralph Waldo Emerson
      Doing something good can make you a better person, but doing it constatnly can cahnge the world.
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      Dec 15 2012: Maaher, do you know, why when you are falling off the cliff, you are climbing back? This is done by your inbuilt survival need, that has any established system and so also yours as a personality. There might come the moment, when you might let go of your mind or better said: Of your identification with your mind. And then find out, that your existence is more and doesn't depend on your mind, your body and your emotions. You will find out, that you can experience yourself beyond all this, not depending anymore on outside conditions, happenings and others.
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        Dec 15 2012: I hear you BeiYin. I am fully aware of this condition you speak off. I have expereinced such moments but holding on to my mind though.
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          Dec 17 2012: Maaher, you are holding on your mind, because you are identified with it and all what it contains. This is YOU as 'personality'. This 'personality system' wants to survive, this is just the inbuilt nature of all systems. You don't need to worry about it, as long you feel comfortable with yourself. But if you would suffer, then this would tell that you are trapped in your mind and so better should clear up your condition. But if there is no doubt, then there are no questions and so no answers.
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    Dec 7 2012: Wow Dolunay is it more pushing the limits of the mind or being fully conscious and present? Not playing with semantics simply thinking of how many things that make my body function that I have no ability to start or stop. It is indeed incredible. We are truly skillfully and wonderfully made!
    I'd LOVE to continue the conversation with you. You've definitely made me pause, think and be even more grateful!:~)
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      Dec 7 2012: Sooo glad than you feel this way. That would be wonderful for me to speak with you too. I'm trying to improve myself as much as I can, and if it works on me, I try to spread it to other people. Science is really entertaining and amazing when you deeply think about the wisdom in it.
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        Dec 10 2012: Dolunay, I've been thinking more about being fully present and allowing us to be fully present (whatever that means to them). Years ago an employee of an organization I belonged to shared his observation of me. In essence, my lows are many people's highs. This thought prompted me to think that indeed we are only as limited as we believe we are. In that vein there are varying degrees than. Would you agree with that? Dolunay that you would pose such a thought provoking question in such a liberating way that (responses bearing witness) many people interpret it in such an empowering way is confirmation of being unlimited. All of these minds have come together and taken the energy to confirm the validity of your question. To quote a well embraced colloquialism, "the tribe has spoken".
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          Dec 10 2012: Dear Jacqui, yes I agree with you.
          And I think most important limitations for people are ignorance and carelessness. And these opiates of mind (I call them like this because they prevent thinking and productivity) can catch all of us time to time, and one can free himself/herself from these by pushing the limits of the mind...
          And I think you are a brilliant person, who needs to share her ideas wide and more… :)
          Let me tell you something else to think about; have you ever thought that many fruits have been packaged on the trees, totally suitable for our mouth and hand :) Like mandarin or orange. Their cover is stronger than any packing system that we can produce. Such a cover that breaths, and protects the fruit fresh for a very long time. And when you peel it off, you see the delicious perfectly packed juicy, vitamin plus, sugar bags each have original taste and scent. But also it is so amazing that all trees use the same scentless and tasteless water and soil to produce these different jewels of stomach...
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          Dec 15 2012: The concept of 'being fully present' is the most tricky trap that will prevent the realization of it.
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    Dec 16 2012: I don't know exactly what your question is. You want that I tell you more about why the reality you are perceiving as 'real' is NOT what you believe it is? I wrote already, that our worldview with all the concepts we have about every thing, has developed from the beginning of humankind and was (still is) the interpretation from simple and naive minds with a (very) limited awareness about themselves and their surrounding. Of course this interpretation coming from such underdeveloped creatures was a misinterpretation and even though this was updated during time, it is still mostly an erroneous view of what there is. Also the mindset of people were constantly manipulated by clever guys who used their power and authority to make others dependent and so being able to use them for their own benefit. Has there something changed about it in our days? Look at the goals and values that are established in our society. Most of it is fake and serves certain interests of the established power structure. Is this beneficial for humanity? Then look at the misery all around! People are suffering not only in 'underdeveloped countries'! It is every where all around! This is real and the result of the fake reality that people are trying to live.
    People's established mindset gives them a frame and a certain security, even though it is based on fake. So they don't want that this is touched, so that they don't fall into unknown spaces. So then they don't question themselves and not the established system of this society. How much more people must suffer, before they wake up? This is our situation and reality! And NOT all those beautiful pictures and high pitched spiritual concepts that are offered and so easily are received as a welcomed survival way (trick)! Isn't it quite obvious, that we are living in a big scam and every one with ones own?
    If you want a 'bit' more, then please ask...
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    Dec 16 2012: I probably more try to push the limits of what I can do, with the idea that if I push the limits of what I can do, it will also open my mind. For example, here in the United States, we have something called "talk radio," where hosts on the air on the radio will introduce a topic, and people sitting at home listening to the radio can call in on the phone and talk about the topic live on the radio. I often call in and talk on the air, even though it is very hard for me to do this because there is some anxiety in knowing thousands of people are listening to what you're saying. But it does open the mind.
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    Dec 15 2012: Yes, I came to the limit of my mind, but before this happened I could use my mind to gather information by observing my surrounding and myself. Coming to the insight, that we all are living in a fake reality, that we have created from beginning of humankind. Humans are still in the primitive step of evolution where survival is ruling everyone's behavior. We have upgraded our worn out concepts, that didn't gave sense to life anymore, with high pitched intellectual and spiritual concepts and so we can continue with the scam in that we are involved and still finding new tricks to survive with our precious personality. We are not aware of the trap in that we are caught and even though we are suffering extremely on all levels, we are still holding on until we come to our utmost limit. Then there might come the moment, when we might be capable to let go of our identification with our mindset and then it might happen, that we go beyond and have an experience, that will give new sense to our life and let us look behind the appearance, realizing that we have been living in a huge scam. Being clear about it, we will have the urge to free ourselves. How can we do this? By using our daily life and every condition and situation to look behind and beyond, when being aware of ones reactions. In short: *Facing the Fake*!
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      Dec 16 2012: Could you please define the fake reality a little bir more?