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What would be the most expeditious method to achieve space travel and colonization?

How about sophisticated distant remoted control thru networking systems . what do you think?


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    Dec 6 2012: depends on what colonization. venus is okay, or you want another star? for venus, the method is: development of lightweight but very strong construction materials and balloons, enhance existing 3d printing technology, possibly invent atomic level 3d printer, increase our knowledge of closed or almost closed small biosystems, develop cheaper methods to launch stuff to LEO. these, and you are good to go.

    if you mean interstellar, we can't really tell what would be the most expeditious, as we have zero idea how to get to other stars at all. there have to be scientific breakthroughs, and nobody can predict that.
    • Dec 6 2012: I thank you so much for responding. On the subject of venus it has been forwarded that blue algae could be introduced into the venetian environment which some believe would thrive in it and in turn would create as a byproduct oxygen - wow! Some believe blue algae fundamentally catalyst to the creation of our own atmosphere.
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        Dec 6 2012: actually i was not talking about terraforming, but rather, colonizing as it is. in floating cities, high up in the air, where the temperature is normal, the air pressure is normal, the weather is nice, the sun is always shining.

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