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What would be the most expeditious method to achieve space travel and colonization?

How about sophisticated distant remoted control thru networking systems . what do you think?


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    Dec 6 2012: I would think constructing a large space craft would be a lot better for us, after all the only thing most planets would give you is materials not an atmosphere.
    • Dec 6 2012: Thank you so much for responding. It's interesting to note that all the gold on planet earth comes from outer space. Isn't that interesting? If our endeavors in this manner take us to mars, I believe we will find vast stores of gold there which would be a phenomenal motivator for many - would it not?
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        Dec 6 2012: That is pretty cool, but I would think that it would not be likely be that we would colonize a planet such as mars. I would think that it would be inefficient for life.
        • Dec 7 2012: In fact, as I type a company SpaceX is working on that very thing - in fact Mars! They project a cost of $500,000 per participant to be a part of the vision. They are working on transports as well as setting a population goal of , I believe , 80,000 in the near future. It is to accomplish their goal and vision of colonization of Mars. Sir Richard of Virgin Mobile fame is in active consideration of this model as well ; yet , not as aggressive as he is offering only space travel at this time at a cost of , I believe, around $1,000,000.

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