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What would be the most expeditious method to achieve space travel and colonization?

How about sophisticated distant remoted control thru networking systems . what do you think?


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  • Dec 6 2012: You don't mention why you think this is an important question, so it is difficult to provide an appropriate comment.

    As I type, there are private corporations engaged in various space travel ventures. If any of these prove to be profitable, I believe the colonization of the moon will follow because it is a much better base for launching missions throughout the solar system.

    Distant remote control of space probes has been used for many years and it will certainly continue. The trend is to make space robots smarter and more autonomous, due to the time lag involved with communications.
    • Dec 6 2012: I am extremely excited about this possibility. So much so that I am contemplating putting to action my own vision in this area. I believe it is absolutely a future reality. To realize this vision it's going to take the greatest visionaries and minds in this area to meet around the round table and brainstorm with passion.

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