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What are your thoughts on creating a community for mentors/menteers and for adults to make professional connections to encourage growth.

Founding a non-profit called 1Helping1 focused on creating local communities for interested adults to make mentor/mentee connections and other professional relationships focused on leadership devleopment, professional growth and mutually beneficial relationships. Particular focus will be for the growing number of folks who find themselves in "career transition" and need help to get a fresh start, find their way, etc.


1) Is this a real need in your circle of ifluence or community?
2) Are there other communities/organizations already focused on this issue?
3) Would you be willing to participate?


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    Dec 6 2012: There is need for this sort of mentorship and leadership initiative in communities. Some people are fortunate to come from good families and to have a strong support system.
    Some people don't; and they would benefit immensely from this sort of programme.
    • Dec 6 2012: Feyisayo,

      Thank you. I agree. I wonder every day how many people in transition or looking to improve their situation would benefit if they just had 1 willing person to help them get where they want to go. If my idea can help 1 person to grow, find a job, be more successful then it will be worth the effort.


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