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How can we solve the problem of our nation limiting communication making?

It's interesting that, We have tools like FaceBook, Twitter, Emails and so many other things that gives us the ability to communicate with other people in other countries as easy as pushing your fingers few times on a board. But we still insisting to keep our circle of friendship in our nation, And even some times you will find people that mocks others who tries to make an inter-national communication. What is your opinion? How can we solve this problem?


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    Dec 6 2012: My personal opinion is that you should choose your friends more carefully. Be who you want to be, not who others want you to be. Know yourself and you will know freedom, confidence, purpose, peace, and much,much more that. No one will be able to convince you to look away from the beauty.
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      Dec 6 2012: OK, You have a point. But i was looking for a functional solution.That people can use to expand their friend circle! I wasn't looking for a personal solution, I was looking for a solution that helps avoiding this border that we make.

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