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Define what is your ideal community and how would it function?

Some places in the world are way too crowded, whereas others are so separated that they become disconnected with other people all together.

What type of ideal community will flourish economically and socially?

Think of a Utopian-like community where there is little to no crime, either has surplus or even amount of agricultural products for its population size, community is not in a deficit, clean air, healthy environment, people usually respect each other and the government with people see eye to eye most of the time.

Will this ideal community actually exist or does it already exist?

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    Dec 6 2012: Derek, I have been thinking about your question, and it just isn't something I can answer quickly.

    Some thoughts I have had that make the question difficult as you have posed it: I don't think real people will see eye to eye most of the time or that that constitutes an ideal, as differences in viewpoint seems a healthy basis for community. People can respect each other without seeing eye to eye, provided they hold very fundamental values in common.
    They should have agreement on rights for individuals as well as systems for resolving disputes and making decisions in cases in which consensus or full agreement is not practical.If I remember correctly, this component is elaborated nicely in Pat's favorite TED talk, The 6 Killer Apps of Prosperity. (Pat can correct me if I remember this inaccurately).
    I don't know what the most effective work-around is to sustain community in a context that includes people who have a compelling need to put others down, or whether there is a context in which that trait might disappear and thus be a non-issue. Someone who sees ways of improving the quality of life and is assertive about it is a plus. The arrogant complainer with no seriously worked out solutions or interest in working with others open-mindedly is only a spoiler.

    One component of a community that I would find appealing is for everyone to feel he/she has a productive part to play- that no one feels peripheral to life there or isolated if he doesn't want to be.
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    Dec 5 2012: You first! :o)