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Natural at home childbirth

I'm interested in different people's opinions of this subject.

After watching the documentary "The Business of Being Born" I have decided when I have a baby I want to have a natural at home birth with a midwife there for assistance.

I told a few people of this and they thought it was a bad idea. My grandmother even went as far to say that women who give birth at home should have jail time for endangering their baby.

I believe that having a natural at home birth could be a good experience for me.


Closing Statement from Haley Goranson

For me now, a birthing center would seem comfortable. Thanks

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    Tao P 50+

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    Dec 7 2012: You may enjoy reading 'birth without violence' by Frederick Leboyer. Here's a link to a short trailer to a film about a birthing technique he pioneered in France

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      Dec 8 2012: Thank you for sharing! I agree that giving birth is a life expression!

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