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Natural at home childbirth

I'm interested in different people's opinions of this subject.

After watching the documentary "The Business of Being Born" I have decided when I have a baby I want to have a natural at home birth with a midwife there for assistance.

I told a few people of this and they thought it was a bad idea. My grandmother even went as far to say that women who give birth at home should have jail time for endangering their baby.

I believe that having a natural at home birth could be a good experience for me.


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For me now, a birthing center would seem comfortable. Thanks

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    Dec 6 2012: In Australian hospitals we have birthing suites which are visually like a hotel suite except with a spa in the lounge room. All going well the mother gives birth on the couch or floor, or in the spa with no medical equipment or staff other than the delivery nurse and as many family members as she likes. This gives most of the effect of a home birth but there's a regular delivery room next door and a theatre down the hall if anything goes wrong. Do US hospitals have anything similar?

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