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Terror based on materialistic, violent and irreligious ideologies can only be beat with intellectual struggle.

Quran denounces terrorism and any kind of violence. You cannot force someone to do anything, if you are following the rules of Quran. Islam teaches friendship, patience, self-sacrifice, generosity, speaking the truth, being protective and caring others more than yourself. Although it seems like the people mentioned in the speech are Muslims, they are educated with materialistic, violent and irreligious ideologies. That’s why we should try to defeat these ideologies with intellectual struggle. Because you cannot defeat an ideology with bombs or weapons, you can defeat it just by truth and awaking the consciousness. Most effective way is spreading the concept of love, peace and respect by explaining Creation with scientific proof.


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      Dec 14 2012: I totally agree with you. Thank you for your kind reply. You are right to worry about it, I worry too. Because many Muslims don't even know Quran, many never read it in their language or try to understand the meaning. They just listen to some people and act according to that. But we cannot change it by making them irreligious or destroying the religion. This causes much more violence because it will cause oppression. We can change it by education, science, knowledge, love, compassion and patience. Please take into consideration that I'm talking about people who name themselves religious and put forward delusional terror.
      • Dec 14 2012: well my friend you are right in your view that the terrorism can be only be eliminated by the intellectual struggle, but the main problem is WHO WILL BE STARTING THIS STRUGGLE? history gives solid proof that religion is the one of the main forces which had stopped the unification of mankind (please dont feel angry, but that is true) wether there is war by crusades, or any other bigger wars in the history, religion has played a role. also we know just as a car has only one steering and gare box, similarly this car (i.e earth) requires only one steering and gare box, not 6. thus , in nutshell, we require a law that will not allow any type of stereotypes, should be formulated by the consent of the people, not by group of individuals and ther should be no interference by the religious sentiments in the country
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          Dec 14 2012: Evilness of terror affects all of us, so everyone can try as much as they can. If societies leave the differences aside and try to unite with love and peace, that will be a start. The number of people with conscience is more than we think. For example I think all people I spoke here would stop these killings if they can, because they have good hearts. We have different ideas but it doesn’t matter, they are concerned and intelligent people. If we try by heart constantly, terror will vanish someday. One doesn’t need to go far; I’m trying to do my best first in my family, than with my friends and everyone I can reach. And it influences them to change. But if I oppress, behave arrogant, hate, insult and do not respect their thoughts and feelings, nothing will change. One person can change the world, if he really wants to.
    • Dec 14 2012: note:- i have not target any particular religion or any group

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