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Terror based on materialistic, violent and irreligious ideologies can only be beat with intellectual struggle.

Quran denounces terrorism and any kind of violence. You cannot force someone to do anything, if you are following the rules of Quran. Islam teaches friendship, patience, self-sacrifice, generosity, speaking the truth, being protective and caring others more than yourself. Although it seems like the people mentioned in the speech are Muslims, they are educated with materialistic, violent and irreligious ideologies. That’s why we should try to defeat these ideologies with intellectual struggle. Because you cannot defeat an ideology with bombs or weapons, you can defeat it just by truth and awaking the consciousness. Most effective way is spreading the concept of love, peace and respect by explaining Creation with scientific proof.


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    Dec 5 2012: Thats true. this all things are also necessary to make a crime free world. Because only love can change a person. Love will taught you everything ..
    the most assence thing is understanding and care towards everyone.....

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