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The case for the Article V Convention

We know our approach to existence is being subverted. The War on Terror, the War on Drugs, non-transparent elections, etc. are charades specifically meant to keep humanity enslaved. Politics As Usual keeps the charade in place. If you can stop Politics As Usual, you have a good chance of opening up political dialogue, and thus a chance to galvanize people to break the status quo so it can be reformed..

The Constitution contains a convention clause in Article V. If America held a convention, it requires that delegates would have to be elected by the states, the delegates would then convene to draft/propose amendments, those proposals would then be sent to the states for possible ratification. In other words, the Article V Convention is a three-part national discussion which stops Politics As Usual dead in its tracks. It breaks the current status quo of institutionalized corruption so it can be reformed.

We already know where things are headed with corporate governance--it's in the process of removing all protections. Public government has been drowned in private money. The Article V Convention will engage and re-educate everyone, and we can discuss things--not on a blog--but on the authority of the law, which would become binding if enough people of the states agree to ratify something.

The Article V Convention is the objective solution, based on all we know to be true of history and the human condition. It is a popular discussion the powers that be do not want to have.

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    Dec 5 2012: I had no idea about this, thank you for bringing it up.

    I read part of your link and the greatest sucess was prompting congress to pass the 17th amendment. That sucks, as that amendment further deteriorated the Republic for the same reason TL brings up the 1819 SCOTUS case.
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      Dec 5 2012: Pat, the convention clause embodies our greatest right--that of alter/abolish. A convention of state delegates will create a political dynamic which currently does not exist. Imagine if you are a corrupt politician or judge, and you were just informed America is going to dust off the Constitution and put it to work. Think you might change your attitude? Whether or not an amendment is ratified, the constitutional process is akin to turning on the lights and having a grand civics ceremony that puts everyone at the same table.
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        Dec 5 2012: I think I get it (as far as I know), but the fact that people went to this trouble to weaken the constitution indicates an ignorance of the definition of a Republic. Which is the bigger problem
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          Dec 6 2012: Pat, one of the really great things about the Article V Convention is that it will re-educate two or three generations of Americans in one fell swoop. It will be like a grand civics lesson, and I have no doubt there are thousands of knowledgeable Americans who will rise to the occasion should we build that tipping-point calling for a convention.
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        Dec 6 2012: Even though they did not back then?

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