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How to get involved in the TED community?

I am new to the TED community and love to learn and attend these conventions, etc.


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    Dec 7 2012: Maaher,
    You are welcome my friend! I really encourage you to try again until you are received. Keep in mind, it's not about you! It's about the viability of your ideas worth sharing being shared...right? TEDx events are put on by volunteers that for the most part have jobs, families, businesses, etc.. Most of which have never planned an event of this magnitude or importance.
    What they lack in event planning experience they more than compensate in their passion and desire to do their job well. There were many things I thought could have been done differently in my TEDx experience. Here was my solution: I took ownership of the opportunity. I did not wait for someone to say it's okay to do this, that or the other thing. I checked within and asked myself is this mutually beneficial for the team? If the answer was yes I proceeded. I didn't ask for permission, i didn't and don't seek credit. I felt and still do that the spirit of TEDx is community. When one wins, we ALL win. If I know something or can do something or have an idea withholding it would be a shame.

    I reached out to contacts I have in the community and asked for them to consider sponsoring (I wasn't on that committee), I posted on social media platforms (again I wasn't on that committee), I placed the event on several event posting sites (I was not on that committee). I share this with you to present a birdseye view of what is most important. Sharing your ideas worth sharing!

    I feel your passion in your words and I completely believe that your gift (idea worth sharing) will make room for you. Persist until you succeed would be my advice to you(if you're interested). Do that and in a short while send me a message with your TEDx link and I'll be your biggest cheerleader!
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      Dec 7 2012: Honestly!! You are amazingly inspiring Jacqui. I cant thank enough for sharing this with me. I have been an event organizer myself and hold some substantial expereince in this aspect. Perhaps I can help in this effort.

      I will continue to persist and persevere..I thrive on creative thinking and inspirational and progressive ideas. If not TED there are many other platforms to share ideas. But I love the TED concept and initiative.

      Thanks for sharing ....
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        Dec 7 2012: You are welcome my new friend! That's wonderful Maaher! You're figuring out how to instead of focusing on what's not! YaaaY YOU. Explains a lot that you have extensive event organizing skills. That is the filter with which you gauge others through. Having started, run and organized a meetup group for about two years my filter was similar. Although, I have no where near the expertise you have.
        Instead, I set my expectations aside and managed them as much as I could. Focusing on the team and my idea worth sharing and our ideas worth sharing helped me tremendously. Besides, it is soooooo not about US!
        Glad that I could help you my new friend:~) Remember, when YOU win, I win!

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