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How to get involved in the TED community?

I am new to the TED community and love to learn and attend these conventions, etc.


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    Dec 5 2012: The TEDX curators and contacts in my city do not have the courtesy to reply to an email and are unable to be contacted. Go figure!

    Further, I am curious about how one gets selected to present a TEd talk? What if I have an idea to share? How does one get on TED Talks?
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      Dec 5 2012: Its a very hermetic group, you are absolutely right.
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        Dec 7 2012: Hi Ahmet,

        Marhaba! I did nominate myself. I wonder if that will work. I am very curious to learn about what a TED host or organizer seeks in terms of a speaker or the ideal idea. Is there a preferred subject, theme or a defined criteria for a potential speaker to qualify for an event.

        Thanks for your reply!
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      Dec 7 2012: Hi Maaher, Search for a neighboring city or if you know of someone that may be interested in bringing TEDx to a smaller city suggest that and then apply. Having shared at TEDxTemecula which was our inaugural event there are many things I would have wanted to see different. What I kept in mind was this is unchartered territory they themselves had never done this before. None of us had. I had never been to a TEDx before. I still haven't except the one I spoke at. In addition, I was the anchor speaker so I couldn't completely enjoy my fellow sharers. The TEDxters that I've met via live stream, twitter and facebook have been incredible. I'm with Ahmet on this one...nominate yourself! I did and didn't even know that is what I was doing. Go for it Maaher!!!!
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        Dec 7 2012: Jacqui,

        Thank you very much for your encouragement. I have tried contacting other TedX curators and organizers that I could, but none respond. I figure that perhaps they are bombarded by several emails requesting the same ane hence the lack of response.

        If TED is truly about Ideas worth Sharing, they ought to have an effecient or responsible process of acknowledging or responsing to those who have such ideas. I can understand the enermous task of organizing the main major conferences in big cities, but I would expect the organizers of a small TEDX event to be more deligent in their management.

        I have nominated myself and await a response. I do not know if this would work though. I feel bad nominating myself as it seems like self promotion where as my purpose is only to share the messageéidea that I believe by expereince would help several others.

        Thanks for your feedback though! Very much appreciated!

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