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What attributes lead to universal happiness?

We all have different values and priorities, but what are the parts of life that are essential to pure happiness? What are the most basic aspects of life that are necessary to be happy? What are universal characteristics that are important ensure a happy life, whether you're in a big city or remote tribe?


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    Dec 10 2012: I think we want to feel capable. We feel good when we get things done. We also feel good when great things happen to us. So I think happiness is the consequence of many different variables. So it's hard to point out one single thing that makes happiness happen.

    It's different for everybody. However, happiness is a state you can be in whenever you want. It's all a matter of perception and how you choose to analyze the information around you. If you can take charge of your situation and begin moving forward....happiness will follow.
    • Dec 10 2012: I doubt that we can be happy anytime we want, more as many times as we want. It is a choice in many situations, but perhaps not in all situations. The culture we grow up in has alot to do with what makes us happy. As you mentioned it's different for everybody. I lived in another culture for years and found that when I returned to the culture of my birth, I was feeling very different about what makes me happy.
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        Dec 11 2012: Don,
        As Henry says...happiness can be the consequence of many different variables, and different for everyone. It is a state of being influenced by how we use information.

        I believe it is a choice in ALL situations. We often do not have any control of the external situation, and we ALWAYS have control of our thoughts, feelings, actions and reactions.

        I agree that the culture we grow up in influences our choices. As thinking, feeling, intelligent, evolving human beings, we have choices regarding HOW we use the information. For example, I was born into a certain religion. With years of observation and evaluation, I realized that I did not accept certain dogma of that religion, so I changed directions, and abandoned the religion. Some people choose to continue with a practice whether they are happy/content with it or not.

        It is not surprising that you may feel different in one culture or another. We may experience more comfort/contentment/happiness while in a culture that supports our beliefs? I feel different sometimes when traveling to remote areas in our world. I live a very simple lifestyle, which is not so common in western society, where I live most of the time. I connect more with a simple lifestyle, so when I am in less developed areas, I feel more "at home". I am still comfortable/content/happy where I am at any given time, because I embrace my own choice of lifestyle wherever I am. However, being around lots of people who have the same lifestyle and perceptions of life, feels MORE comfortable/happy/content for me.....make any sense?

        Happiness can be a fleeting feeling of pleasure and joy, AND/OR, it can be part of the foundation of our life experience....that is what it is for me. When I was unconscious, on life support systems after a near fatal injury and emergency craniotomy, I'm told I was smiling and giving visitors a thumbs up. That is how deep a foundation happiness/contentment is for me...and yes....it's a choice in ANY situation:>)

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