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What attributes lead to universal happiness?

We all have different values and priorities, but what are the parts of life that are essential to pure happiness? What are the most basic aspects of life that are necessary to be happy? What are universal characteristics that are important ensure a happy life, whether you're in a big city or remote tribe?


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    Dec 10 2012: ha ha ha ,
    Dear collen steen ,
    i m not expecting Christians to live true. Because they are just religious Christians, But some people follow Christ they r true Christians they live with love, I think u r mother also like that. u r so lucky to heaved true love person. Love CHRIST but not CHRISTIANS.
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      Dec 10 2012: Sridhar,
      If we decide NOT to love a certain group of people, is that unconditional love? Or is that love WITH conditions? Do you think/feel that rejecting a certain group of people will lead to universal happiness? Or will this continue to seperate and divide people in our world?

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