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What attributes lead to universal happiness?

We all have different values and priorities, but what are the parts of life that are essential to pure happiness? What are the most basic aspects of life that are necessary to be happy? What are universal characteristics that are important ensure a happy life, whether you're in a big city or remote tribe?


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    Dec 9 2012: LOVE others, its may not acceptable thing but its true, Please try to know about what is love? and then try it, to know about love read this verses 1 Corinthians 13:4 in bible.I m not try to spreading Christianity but i m try to explain about LOVE. The UNCONDITIONAL LOVE give as universal happiness.
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      Dec 10 2012: Hello Sridhar,
      You say that loving others may not be acceptable? Why?
      I agree that unconditional love is connected with universal happiness:>)
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        Dec 10 2012: Hai Colleen Steen,
        Thanks for accepting unconditional love with love ;-). We people actually forgot about LOVE(there is no true love or false love. but there is only LOVE). And we give our own structurer to LOVE. Maybe my thought r also wrong thats y i search my self what is love? at last i came to know about love in BIBLE verses 1Corinthians 13:4, its was UNCONDITIONAL LOVE(as per our conversation i mention Unconditional love but there is one and only word LOVE). Love doesn't have Structurer like mother love,friend love,Girl friend or Boy friend love,son love,daughter love,father love etc,. its only the word LOVE but its mean lot, Please read the Bible verses that i mention above. it will explain about LOVE.

        LOVE is every thing, If we have a love in our heart its reflect to other, we never expect love from other because we have a unconditional love in our heart . if we didnt expect any thing from other its lead to peace and universal happiness.
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          Dec 10 2012: Dear Sridhar,
          Thanks for your reply, and thank you also for being unconditionally loving. I personally have not forgotten about love, and it is MY PLEASURE to share it:>)

          I was born into a catholic family and studied the bible for many years in school, so I am familier with what the bible says.

          I learned about unconditional love from my mother who lived lovingly. She did not simply preach or lecture about love, she "lived love" in every moment of her life.

          Love does not only come from the bible, and unfortunately many people who say they follow the teachings of the bible DO NOT live what they speak about...they often DO NOT walk their talk, or live what they preach about.

          I agree that unconditional love has no expectations,

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