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What attributes lead to universal happiness?

We all have different values and priorities, but what are the parts of life that are essential to pure happiness? What are the most basic aspects of life that are necessary to be happy? What are universal characteristics that are important ensure a happy life, whether you're in a big city or remote tribe?


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  • Dec 8 2012: Simple: health, freedom and an adequate system of values. You want to go more basic, then I would say: form the outside you need: access to food, drinking water, shelter, medicine, education and justice, from the inside you need self discipline, responsibility and honesty... any person who has all this should be healthy and free, and the only additional thing they need to be happy is the realization that happiness comes from themselves. If you are healthy and free and you are not happy it is because you are basing you happiness one something external (a car, a home, a bank account, a lover, etc.). If you realize the source of you own happiness is within your self, you may not have a car, a home, a bank account nor a lover and still be happy. A highly disciplined mind can reach happiness even in conditions of extreme deprivation.

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