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Government is/or soon will be outdated

Basically Government or soon will become more of an evil then it is a good. It is or soon will be become un-necessary due to the abilities of business. A governmental system can be removed with the only the judiciary system remaining. Government played a role in our lives when ethics and morality were still undefined as well a technology was still in its infancy. Now that communication has moved to the public and morality is common we have entered a new age.


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    Dec 5 2012: I don't disagree entirely. I assume you are talking about Anarcho-capitalism. We do need the rule of law and a defense and a police force but Krisztian argues that this could be done by a private company. Considering the corruption that the U.S. faces today from government, that will probably be it's demise, what do have to loose? Although I would like to give the constitution a try as it has not really been followed for a 100 years or so.
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      Dec 5 2012: Private police under the pay and watch of it s citizens would be a pretty cost efficient and beneficial action when considering cops today.

      And to prevent corruption we must consider the technological advantages of our world such as instant communication which give us new possibilities for control of government.

      I don't want to discredit the constitution but in a new society we might need to create a new base for our world.
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        Dec 5 2012: We are on the same page but don't under estimate the constitution.

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