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What one feature would you love to see added to TED.com?

The TED team is working on planning the future development and enhancement of TED.com, and the product development team would love to hear your ideas! What's one feature would you love to see on TED.com and why?


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    Dec 17 2012: It's been suggesTED but I'll do it once more since you may be listening this time.

    I'd like you (read team) to go through all the good ideas that spur from these two conversations!

    I've emailed about this, started conversations spread it in other places then TED and so on and so on.

    As you may notice I'm quite angry that all the ideas that sprung from these conversations never were implemented or got any feedback. I can take the lack of implementation but the the total lack of feedback is... not very TEDish, and that deeply disappoints me.

    I even tried getting in touch with Chris Anderson (because of the complete lack of feedback) but I haven't his phone number (in his "email charter" he said to call if the email was too long) and you can't contact him through Facebook since the message function is disabled... And as I'm writing this I realize that I haven't emailed him through TED.com... but I'm quite sure that that option wasn't available back when I last tried to encourage TED to be all that it could be...

    Anyhow, while my adrenalin is slowly depleting I'd like to give this advice: Give feedback to everyone that has taken their time and put so much effort into help building TED...

    And please don't delete this comment because it's uncomfortable.

    P.S Great conversation!
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      Dec 17 2012: Hi Jimmy

      Sorry you're so frustrated! I assure you that the TED team (despite its small size) works really hard and tries to be as responsive as possible.

      As you can imagine, its pretty hard to respond to every single suggestion people share - even when we solicit ideas.

      Some of the ideas here will go into future design changes; some of them won't for a lot of reasons. But they are all read and considered alongside all the various priorities and demands and ideas.

      I hope you continue to share any ideas, if you have them.

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        Dec 17 2012: I get that you're a small team ( that's also something I would like to know more about, what goes on behind the scenes?)


        Can't we just put together a vast voluntary team to help build TED, wouldn't that be that be the best solution?

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