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What one feature would you love to see added to TED.com?

The TED team is working on planning the future development and enhancement of TED.com, and the product development team would love to hear your ideas! What's one feature would you love to see on TED.com and why?


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      Dec 7 2012: Lilja,
      I tried to access your profile to see how long you have been active with TED, and it is not available. I've been involved for about 3 years, and my perception, is that TED is very responsive to change when/if the TED community expresses a need or desire for change. There have been quite a few changes that I am aware of BECAUSE of feedback from participants. I also feel that TED has been very clear about what their plan and goals are.....creating a forum for ideas worth sharing. If we are not part of the solution, we are part of the problem. It does not help to simply criticize without offering helpful feedback.
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          Dec 7 2012: Thanks Lilja!
          I totally agree...what goes around comes around....well said. Also totally agree that thinking outside the box is not rocket science....that's exactly why I like thinking outside the box...thanks for noticing:>)

          I don't agree with the "for us" or "against us" idea....especially here on TED...we're all in it together....or not....it's a choice:>)
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          Dec 7 2012: why do i have the feeling that we have the same troll back again
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        Dec 17 2012: I don't find TED very responsive Colleen, please read my comment http://www.ted.com/conversations/15307/what_one_feature_would_you_lov.html?c=575653
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          Dec 17 2012: Hi Jimmy,
          I read your comment, and agree with some of what you write. In my experience with TED, they are not as prompt as I would like to see, and they DO respond.......eventually.

          Were you in the group of people who got together a couple years ago, made a list of possible improvements and submitted it to TED? Perhaps that was before you came on TED? Those suggestions were implemented, and my sense, is that because TED is a community, they want to have ideas supported by a group of people, and perhaps it needs to be more organized for them to take notice?

          When we did that before, one person organized a page where some of the "regulars" at the time, could write their suggestions. The list was refined several times until we felt that it was a good reasonable request, supported by a number of people, and we submitted it to TED....those suggestions were implemented. It took time and patience:>)

          Jimmy, I can feel your frustration at times, and I relate to it. I have gotten frustrated with TED at times as well, left, came back, etc. You probably know one of my favorite philosophies by now...if I'm not part of the solution, I'm part of the probelm:>) I think I understand what TED is trying to do (respectfully sharing ideas with people around our world) and I want to be a part of it. I also know that sometimes, what we want to achieve, takes patience. If we really want it, we will continue to create what we want.....make any sense?
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        Dec 17 2012: Yes, I understand fully Colleen ;-)
        Still, my understanding of the issues and processes that are and aren't taking place doesn't fully suppress (or soothe) my frustration at times.
        Some of the things I'd like to know are: How big is the team, what is their workload and are they doing an adequate job in that sense (right now we take it on good faith, I'd like more transparency)?

        There are THOUSANDS of bright good people with all kinds of skills who would divulge themselves into working freely for TED if they got that option. At the moment TED doesn't really view this as a potential resources or if they do TED has a very bad way of managing those resources.

        I have, for example offered to do much more for TED at numerous times, if they just told me what needs to be done (and if I knew that it had effect) I would be on it most of my spare time...
        I don't think that I'm alone in this... This is TEDs greatest weakness - not using the potential it has.
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          Dec 17 2012: You are not alone in offering help Jimmy...I have done so as well. I agree that TED might be able to use some of us to support the effort:>)
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          Dec 17 2012: Here is what I found just by clicking on the link to TED Staff.


          You can count them up by function!
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          Dec 17 2012: Nice job Fritzie....thanks:>)
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          Dec 17 2012: Colleen and Jimmy,
          I think everyone IS helping who interacts constructively and respectfully here. Thoughtful participation makes other thoughtful people interested and comfortable to air their ideas here and to continue to develop this as a community of interacting thinkers.And that is a meaningful contribution!

          I understand from volunteering with a number of organizations that they need to think carefully about how they use volunteers and how many they use. On the volunteer end or potential volunteer end, it can be hard sometimes to appreciate the organizational effort and resources that can go into coordinating a volunteer force of any size.

          When TED staff opens a discussion like this one, they are seeking help from the community and those who respond are by that fact volunteering their input.
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          Dec 18 2012: Good points Fritzie,
          I agree that everyone who interacts constructively and respectfully are indeed contributing. I also understand from volunteering with several organizations, that it is sometimes difficult to determine how some volunteers can help. Sometimes, I had to be involved with the organization for awhile before they evaluated what I was capable of doing....or not:>) I found that with time spent in an organization, my tasks "grew"....LOL!

          I also served as a volunteer coordinator for United Way for a couple years, and it is challenging sometimes to match people and their skills with volunteer jobs that are needed. Generally, once a person understands the goal of the organization, has shown him/herself to be responsible, dependable, and genuinely interested in a good outcome, s/he can usually fit into many different slots to help fill the needs of the organization:>)
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          Dec 18 2012: Hi, Jimmy. Of course I can agree or disagree with you or anyone. I express myself here just as I speak in any context of discourse within a diverse community.
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        Dec 18 2012: Fritzie, Colleen,

        Yes, naturally I agree that all (constructive) contributions are helping in building TED!
        Still I'm not satisfied ^^

        Because the way I view it, there is ALWAYS a gain if you organize the volunteers in a good way. Now if you've spent more time organizing the volunteers then the time the volunteers actually contribute, well, that's just really bad planning.

        "When TED staff opens a discussion like this one, they are seeking help from the community and those who respond are by that fact volunteering their input." - How about picking a crowd to assess this information for you?

        "Generally, once a person understands the goal of the organization, has shown him/herself to be responsible, dependable, and genuinely interested in a good outcome, s/he can usually fit into many different slots to help fill the needs of the organization:>)" - You Colleen are such a person for TED! But you're not placed in any other slot then the majority of people, even though you've asked to. That's bad resource management.

        Fritzie, can I ask you this. As a TED host, do you feel free to (constructively and openly) criticize TED, do you feel that you can agree with me, without negative consequences, if you did? Or do you have a policy that prevents you from this?

        Anyhow, watching yesterdays TED Talk I got really inspired by "TopCoder", you guys should check them out!
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      Dec 8 2012: Hi Lilja

      I understand your concerns. However, in product development, it is not useful to ask users what new features they would wish to see on the website while simultaneously limiting them them to the plans we already been thinking about.

      While we won't implement every single suggestion, but asking people what their ONE priority change/idea is, allows us to see the direction this community's appetites lie.

      Many of the greatest additions to TED.com have come from ideas gleaned from the community and we are committed to allowing our users to have a voice. However, ultimately many factors go into deciding what we develop next - whether it be a new feature, like playlists, or enhanced features like the new video player.

      thanks for your input.
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        Dec 17 2012: Hi Ladan,

        Much of it is about fixing the small stuff, making TED generally better... Many of the new "features" requested are basically requests to make TED (and I'm really sorry for this) less stupid...

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