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What one feature would you love to see added to TED.com?

The TED team is working on planning the future development and enhancement of TED.com, and the product development team would love to hear your ideas! What's one feature would you love to see on TED.com and why?


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    Dec 6 2012: I suggest TED consider organizing monthly theme conferences in a one day events on specific topics ie ending hunger, ending war, ending disease, going green globally, reducing violence, improving education, meeting the Millenium goals. The speakers may come from multidisciplinary fields but all focus on solving one particular type of problem that we all face. I suggest TED allow TEDx organizers to focus on a specific topic as well rather than just broad themes. Ted should consider organizing a TED in each nation. TEDX organizers should be allowed to give at least one tedx talk of their own in their own event, Ted X organizers should be allowed to make at least a reasonable profit for their effort at organizing the event as it will take their time to put it together. More people should be allowed to participate in a tedx as only 100 are allowed now if the organizer did not attend a ted. Speakers should be allowed to mention their specific projects and a link to them could be made so listeners can get more information. TED may want to allow TED Audiences to have an opportunity to each give a TED Talk of their own by arranging for many video booths where the audience members during breaks or before or after the conferences can go and upload their own talk and if it is good it can be aired on a TEDXAudienceSpeaksOut as well. I am sure the TED Audience has alot of great ideas to say. Ted should allow people to order a cassett of TED Talks whereby they can select as many Talks as they like and then the video or audio cassette can be mailed to them. Release talks on Audible.com

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