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What one feature would you love to see added to TED.com?

The TED team is working on planning the future development and enhancement of TED.com, and the product development team would love to hear your ideas! What's one feature would you love to see on TED.com and why?


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    Dec 6 2012: TED should allow people to upload a talk on a topic from their own home either with a tedxhometalk sign that can be gotten if a license to film their own talk is granted. I would appreciate if Ted would allow viewers to preselect more than 1 talk at a time to be placed on a list so when 1 finishes automatically the next one starts rather than having to wait for a talk to complete before the next talk is selected. I suggest Ted Organize a TED GLOBAL Peace Conference every year on 9/21 on the International Day of Peace and invite world leaders and people from all disciplines to come together from all around the world to plan how humanity can build consensus for world peace. I would like to speak at a TED Conference building upon Jeremy Gilleys Ted Talk Called One Day Of Peace. I would like to speak at a TED Conference inviting all world leaders and all non state combatant leaders to come together and sign a National and International Treaty for a global Truce and a global cease fire. At A TED Conference I would like to invite all world leaders and non state combatant force commanders to simultaneously command their forces to cease fire for one year in an annually renewable cease fire. TED can be instrumental at spreading a message of how to attain and strengthen the peace by reaching out to people in the peace building field and inviting them to speak at TED and TED Global events. TED MED can also invite people to speak on how mental illness contributes to war and conflict in society and how we can treat this better. I request TED Post all the previous TED conferences on the WEB so we can see them just as they were not just a few talks from each year. TED should reach out to be aired on more national TV, Radio and Movies to attain a larger audience. If The TED, TED Global and TED MED are televised live on a major network or even just a few talks if they do not have such a large block of time to devote only to TED it will still help spread the word faster.

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