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What one feature would you love to see added to TED.com?

The TED team is working on planning the future development and enhancement of TED.com, and the product development team would love to hear your ideas! What's one feature would you love to see on TED.com and why?

  • Dec 10 2012: Turn off Autoplay.

    Seriously while many wont care in the 1st world, in the 3rd bandwidth is at a premium, and often one want to read the comments first.
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      Dec 10 2012: I agree with turning off Autoplay, but for a different reason.
      When going back to a talk I have already seen to view the comments, I have to pause/stop the video every time I go back.
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      Dec 17 2012: Yeah, also they should skip the TED player altogether and go with Youtube like they to for TEDx vids
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    Dec 5 2012: Oh and fix the recent commentors squares it has be stuck for a few days.
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      Dec 5 2012: Christ! It's stuck! And I thought the same guys were commenting all that time...
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      Dec 5 2012: The "Recent commenter" rotating feature has been stuck for SIX days. I contacted TED when I noticed it FIVE days ago. Would be nice to have it back:>)
  • Dec 14 2012: @Ladan Wise:
    By "feature on TED.com", I don't know how much of your emphasis was on TED and how much was on the ".com".

    My wish for TED: of late, TED talks seem to be all touchy-feely-ooey-gooey. I want the T back. I used to watch almost every TED talk that was posted here. These days, hardly any. I never cared much for D anyway. There is all of YouTube for E.

    My wish for ".com": I don't know what reasons you have for limiting comments to just 3 levels. If you do not wish to change that, please make a way to email us notifications whenever someone addresses us, the way I addressed you, "@Ladan Wise". When people can't write 4th-level comments, they often start a new thread, having addressed us in that manner.
  • Dec 9 2012: A sign at the entry point which reads..

    "All Opinions Are Vanity"
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    Dec 9 2012: I would like to see the only RPG element on TED developed, which is the Ted Cred system.

    It should be more accurate so that it counts the big and the 'small' points. If I have 7 'big' points right now I want to know what does it take to "level-up", i.e. I want to see where am I with my points between 7 and 8.

    It could motivate people for greater activity, and increase the general flow of ideas.

    This system has enormous potential, trust me. And it is what I came up with waiting for my first badge :)

    PS. Later, much later I would like to see people with +50 level being able to cast spells and upgrade their text - maybe use italics or bold fonts. And of course sell their 'developed' avatars for $$$
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    Dec 8 2012: 1) A field that lists related discussions that are both expired and currently active while your on a discussion page.

    2) Ability to tag specific comments to specific members that are responses or to get a members attention that isn't in the conversation, but would suggest they join the conversation by tagging their name on a comment. This tag feature can be invisible, if desired.

    3) The ability to have the website save unfinished comments when a member accidentally hits the "go back a page" button for comments/responses.

    4) Have a feature to vote for someones conversation as a feature conversation and/or to vote for its removal from a ted featured conversation.

    5) Parental filter for videos on Tedtalks.

    6) Have a notifications bar that inform users that their comments has a response, conversation was approved/disapproved, someone sent someone an email message, and others can expand on this idea.

    7) Revise, condense, clarify, and improve rules and instructions for all the different fields of Ted.com, such as ted events, ted prizes, etc.

    8) Someway better categorize or reposition "popular topics".

    9) Add a link to access tedtalks that are only on youtube and other ted supported sites.

    10) Give members, who have legitimate businesses, a field to post that they are hiring or community collaborative events of the like that is well separated and categorized.

    11) Better Quality Control on Comments for bullies and spammers.

    12) Remove the instant play on ted videos or make it optional, please.

    Thank you for taking our suggestions into consideration.
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      Dec 17 2012: 1)yes.
      3)I haven't the use (just open a new window), but yes.
      5)hmm, I have to say no.
      7)As above!
      9)Read #6, I copy, go to Youtube, paste and click... It's very bothersome.
      10) Perhaps a Linkedin link on the profile?
      11) is there a need?
      12)Yes, I'd prefer to have Youtube embedded.
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    Dec 7 2012: Some said hereby that TED should reduce the space allowed for comments. IMO TED should not. If anybody wants to make short comments, nobody prevents him/her doing so. But I think that large space for comments is appropriate in TED forums because the issues discussed at TED are usually complex and deep. So in order to allow fruitful comments/debates/discussions, it is necessary to have large enough space.

    After all, TED's forums are not gossip forums which fill every corner of the web. In gossip forums there's usually no need for large space to comment as the comments there are mostly superficial, unlike usually at TED.
  • Dec 7 2012: The ability to queue talks, so that we can have a continuous playlist.
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    Dec 7 2012: The obvious thing is high quality talks?
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    Dec 6 2012: I'd like to see an easier way to create a playlist where I can store talks I want to see then just play that list. Much the same way the playlists that are already compiled but I want to be able to create my own easier than making a favorites list then having to go there to watch them. That is what I do now is create a playlist by favoriting each talk I want to watch later or over but it seems cumbersome and allowing someone to add talks to a playlist that is then available quickly from their profile would be awesome!
  • Dec 5 2012: I'd like to be able to make my own talk playlists!
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    Dec 5 2012: 1. An audio playlist of the talks which one can listen while browsing the internet.
    2. A Call to action tab or button at the end of each discussion where all those who participated come to a conclusion and pledge for a meaningful action
    3. A discover feature where we can post about local activists and have their voice heard. They could be also be from the current TED community just that their profile could be featured as TED local and others may join get inspired or join in the cause.
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    Gail . 50+

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    Dec 5 2012: In addition to the thumbs up option, I would like to see a thumbs down option. It gives more information.
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      Dec 5 2012: Is gives less information as the thumbs up option does.

      A thumb up indicates agreement and its explanation becomes the rated comment itself.

      A thumb down indicates disagreement, yet gives no explanation why or any alternatives instead.

      If we agree on something we usually don't have to talk much about it anymore, because what more than mutual agreement is there to archive?. But disagreement is where a discussion, a dispute just begins to exchange facts and views, experience and beliefs. A thumb down don't encourage that, as it only indicates rejection without stating why.
      • Dec 6 2012: Then bothe the Up and down option aught to be available .....But only on the Debate column.
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          Dec 6 2012: Why 'both'? What do you need a thumb down option for? Just to disagree without furter explanation? Why? That would be nothing but anonymously destructive, don't you think?
      • Dec 6 2012: Lejan

        I made a comment / suggestion to have the Up and down ONLY on the Debate column iow not on the "Idea" column or the "Question" column. In what that suggestion provides I am actually agreeing with your "That would be nothing but anonymously destructive" point.

        Yes as far as I am concerned the "Debate" method is destructive and distractive..

        .it is "Us against them. black against white, Left against right...method ......it is the old argument that Debate fosters ideas but in this current age / and enormous electronic access -BUT with no clear and intelligent moderators administering a Debate it is just a big mess of endless opinions

        Sol...If there is going to be a Debate feature ....then it has to remain true to Debate form.......iow both the up and down Voting ( as you would see say on the BBC TV debates at the end the audience chooses a yes / no button) done at the end of a set time period. The TED debate feature is not a true Debate set-up.

        Now that I have said the above ...I suggest ....... remove the Debate column. period.
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          Dec 6 2012: I understand what you are proposing, yet especially ON the debate clumnn a non-existent 'thumbs down' feature eliminates the anonymous destructive parts of the dispute. By this we get to hear at least opinions why someone feels 'thumbs down' for something.

          I do not expect any discussion to 'foster ideas' and moderation is to keep good morals only.

          So on this we may not agree, yet we exchanged thoughts, so I 'see' you clearer now than I was able if you would have just thumbed me down ...
      • Dec 6 2012: Lejan

        re "I do not expect any discussion to 'foster ideas' and moderation is to keep good morals only.

        So on this we may not agree, yet we exchanged thoughts, so I 'see' you clearer now than I was able if you would have just thumbed me down ... "

        Yes ..and the is the "dance" we are doing to close in on an idea-though etc ...it must be recognized that "only like can apprehend like"

        This latter quote contains the root word "appa" from the Greek expression for the "Hand of the Soul. And humanknd is advancing to the Level of Consciousness when that "Appa" is more and more "Self Evident" and (returning back to the Debate subject) and the old method of Debating does not serve humankind. ((Especially when the English language is being used!!! works are easily mis-used in the English language))

        I will leave with this thought ....eventually all discussions between Humans will begin with the recognition that "All opinion is Vanity."

        Be Well Be Present
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      Dec 5 2012: I would not have learned as much as I did by your comments if you would have just used a thumb down option.
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      Dec 5 2012: TED used to have a thumbs down option, and it was misused and abused. Some folks simply thumbed down people they didn't like ALL THE TIME regardless of what the comment said. That's why TED removed it.
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      Dec 6 2012: thumbs down to that idea
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      Dec 6 2012: I say thumbs down to that idea as well!

      TED Lover,
      Example: When we had the thumbs down feature, I got 140 thumbs down within a couple of hours, from a person who had several accounts, and there was no limit on thumbs up or down. He sent me a personal e-mail saying that the reason he did it was because my comments are "too sugary". I believe there are people who would simply have a lot of fun with a thumbs down button, and I don't think it provides any valuable information.
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    Dec 5 2012: Trending New Feature for TED Talks and/or TOP TED TALKS by number of "likes".
  • Dec 5 2012: I would like to see more recipes and celebrity interviews. Maybe a crossword puzzle?
    Just kidding.

    I actually think the conversations could be broken down into more sub categories to find things that interest people. I find myself scrolling through a lot of closed conversations.
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    Dec 5 2012: Being able to link to a specific minute:second of a talk.
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    Dec 4 2012: A Chatroom
    • Dec 5 2012: Yes I agree with Maxine. It would be so useful to be able to share our thoughts and discuss with fellow TED listeners the various videos we listened to. As for myself, I just don't seem to have anyone in my circle of friends who seem to have the same interest in all of these great and insightful talks that are presented here. We need a chat room or a forum or a social media site where we can share with like minded people.
  • Dec 17 2012: The app is really great, but it should have the ability to sign in to your account. Otherwise you don't know what you've watched on your computer and can't engage in the discussions
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    Dec 17 2012: To not censor questions about the effects of banks, mining companies and aeronautical industries on our environment.
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    Dec 16 2012: I think a cool concept would be dynamic threads. Threads that could branch off into separate topics as the discussion warrants it.

    Like if we begin talking about politics...and then the discussion kind of gets away from that...I am sure you could write some php to determine that and create a new thread under that heading.

    "Bowling Balls are Cool"

    You could then, at the very least, archive these little discussions that happen within a discussion. I just think its a cool idea to think about....and definitely something cool to have on the site.

    I also think you guys should have people paying attention to the little variables in usage. What people are talking about...how they are talking about it. I think it would be cool to have the ability to see how often certain topics are coming up...and how many likes these specific opinions are getting.

    Another cool thing would be "debates" where two people could go head to head...or groups could be formed on the site. You could allow people to create groups with names and a little picture to represent their group. They could then create their own topics for discussion based on their groups ideas. Other groups or individuals could then challenge these ideas in open or "challenged" debate.

    The groups could be devided into different areas or generalized to cover anything. So you could have political groups...groups that focus on education....things like that.
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    Dec 14 2012: Un suspend Debra Smith's account, it says temporarily yet it has been months? WTF?
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    Dec 12 2012: I would find it usuful if everytime I did find a comment or even a full conversation helpful or interesting that this could be saved somewhere in my profile for me to be able to refer to it at other times. In addition, sometimes I find an interesting debate or talk but have no time at that particular moment to read through it or watch it, unless they are being featured at the main pages, it's very difficult to find these later so it would be very helpful if there was a watch later list or read later list available.
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    Dec 12 2012: Live broadcast multi-way video chats with a topic, a panel of experts, and support for audio-only callers. Record the show, edit, and post.
  • Dec 11 2012: How about crowdfunding? Great ideas, backed by the community! Only Global please, no US, UK only as with Kickstarter...
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      Dec 11 2012: You do know you have other alternatives to Kickstarter like Indiegogo that aren't limited to the US and the UK right?!?
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    Gail . 50+

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    Dec 11 2012: I would very much like to see "Recently Added" restored to the conversations. I can't understand how removing that link improves TED.
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    Dec 9 2012: Another thing would be a preview place to where you could see your text before posting it.
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    Dec 9 2012: What is the purpose of a "recent commenters", if they aren't really recent at all? It should be renamed, like maybe "interesting comments" or "noteworthy comments" or "a bunch of random peoples comments are listed here and maybe you will take a look at it" or...you get the picture.
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      Dec 17 2012: It gets stuck every now and then, it's supposed to be recent... crappy coding I think... I've emailed about this a couple of times...
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    Dec 9 2012: Ladan, I know I am in the minority but out of respect for the few TED members that still believe in God .... could you possiably edit POPULAR TOPICS and spell god with a capital G.

    Thank you. Bob.
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      Dec 9 2012: maybe we really need the thumbs down back
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        Dec 10 2012: :-q
      • Dec 10 2012: You're attitude has been noticed, not by me... but God.

        You wanna play with the big boys, you're gonna need more than 200 points :)
      • Dec 11 2012: I think TED should consider that seriously.

        Thumbs down was a bit more of a contact sport. I do miss some of the dynamics of the old days. Thumbs down had a cleansing affect on comments and perhaps stimulates a little more tension, but that can be inspiring. I do miss some of the drop outs. Perhaps a member should only be able to activate a thumbs down when they have positive points in their score with TED.

        Also if a member has a posting pulled there would be an an automatic no thumbs down option for ten days or something like that. TED does need to keep things civil.
      • Dec 13 2012: Regarding your response to me,

        Oops, didn't mean to spring off a position that wasn't there, but I still think there is value in feedback with thumbs up and thumbs down. Thumbs up only tips the scales to artificially favor a marketer, a patronizer, a talk or comment that is more politically correct, etc., at the expense of those of us less impressed, but unwilling to become petty.
    • Dec 13 2012: @Robert: It looks like you don't know the difference between God and god. They are related, but different words.

      The Abrahamic religions have one god, whose name happens to be "God". Therefore, God is still a god. Other religions have several gods, and none of them is called God. They have names like Vishnu, Thor, etc. I know it is confusing, but whose fault is that? ;-)

      Spelling it with a capital G would give the impression that the conversation is only about Abrahamic gods.
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      Dec 17 2012: Well, if we consider it to be a name it should be in upper case...
      However I'm quite satisfied with the lower case solution.
  • Dec 8 2012: I would still (as in the previous topic on what I'd like to have added to ted) see a much better comment posting system.

    It is rediculous that you can only reply till 4 levels deep, and it is silly that I can't "summarize threads" so that all of it's replies will be under a [+] / 'more' button.
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    Dec 8 2012: Ted already has in "conversations" the category of "idea", "question", and "debate".

    I suggest we add a new category called "action", as in what you believe needs to have a call to action or awareness upon something missed in the world that you feel is some type of injustice.