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Should we research and use embryonic stem cells to treat diseases such as Parkinson’s?

What are the ethical issues surrounding the question above? What are your opinions? Do the benefits outweigh the disadvantages? Are the risks/side effects too dangerous?

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    Dec 5 2012: If you ask me the good that could come from such research far out weighs any religious or other issues. While 3rd trimester abortions are murder, human life does not start at the stem cell stage.

    A regular at a restaurant I patronize had stem cells injected into a thumb injury with good results. Look at this video, this is truly miraculous stuff that government has NO business interfering with.
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      Dec 7 2012:
      I thought it was standard practice to use spray on skin for burns. It became mainstream here after the first Bali bombing in 2002
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        Dec 7 2012: Could be, I have not seen it before, and freaking miraculous
    • Dec 8 2012: I agree that human life has not actually started at that stage, but since the stem cell has to be obtained from the embryo, it is rather controversial, because the embryo is potentially life at its earliest - even though it has not developed yet, it does have the potential to develop.
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        Dec 8 2012: My understanding is that they do not have to obtain it from an embryo, maybe they did in the past?
        • Dec 8 2012: Yes that is true, there are other sources, but with embryonic stem cells are far more efficent than those obtained from the umbilical cord or bone marrow
  • Dec 13 2012: Sure.
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    Dec 10 2012: but OF COURSE!! Just ask someone who has a disabilitating disease.