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Television Viewing has become portion of daily life in today's world.

Television Viewing has become portion of daily life in today's world.
In today's fast, modern & free world, a person is entitled to spend his/her time as per their wish.

But issue is whether this habit is beneficial to the mental and physical well-being.

Eating while viewing TV is mindless eating. You are not paying attention to the Taste of Food and the Amount of Food You Eat.

Watching TV is a sedentary activity. TV Eating Up Family Mealtime.
Families that tune into television instead of each other at mealtime
also miss important opportunities to talk and connect.

"PARENTS” table talk can help children to understand their families.
Positive family mealtime conversations can also build children's self-esteem and foster positive relationships that help children and parents talk through tough issues when they arise.

Children who eat dinner with their Parents tend to eat healthier, consuming less saturated fat and more important nutrients than their unsupervised peers. Poor eating habits are linked to several chronic diseases, including heart disease, stroke, non-insulin dependent diabetes, osteoporosis, and some cancers in adulthood.


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    Dec 7 2012: Tejas, I completely agree with you! We sat down as a family for the most part. The only times we didn't were the evenings that me and my sister Janet helped with our family business. Even then I recall my mom had a big grocery bag with a plate of food, utensils and napkin that she packed for us and the bag she packed for my dad as he went to clean another location. The nights we had dinner together (which was most of the time) we were privy to the growth of the business, employees, businesses we serviced a.k.a. my mom and dad's friends.
    I treasure those memories now! We weren't shipped off into our room as though we were a nuisance. No! If we were playing in our room my mom or dad would ask us to help them "solve" their crossword puzzle with them. Because we wanted to "help" them we would think really hard to come up with the answers. There were no T.V. trays or T.V. dinners in our family. My mom cooked everything from scratch. We had vegetables with every meal. McDonald's was a treat we had to beg for and it was only because we wanted the toy, not the food.
    Yes, at the dinner table I was silently told that I had something of value to say. I was heard. It gave me a solid foundation that I am even more thankful for today. Tejas, this is how you bring about change by starting the conversation and creating thought prompts that lead to action. Thank you for the thought prompts my friend. I will now share this with my friends!:~)

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