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A zone for simple first handed , 0 kilometer ideas.

Ok, I have ideas, I always had. I'm really creative human. LIKE MANY OTHERS.
But for the 98% of them i'm not excited, And i don't what to take this idea to an upper level. Maybe i just cannot do it o i don't want to work on it. But i believe it could be cool to find some one who can actually be excited about this idea and take to some level, That for example he/she might have a TEDspeech of His/Her own.
I think with a good social ( of course under internet network) service it might be a good social website focused on people who want share a simple idea, to people who looks for taking a first handed idea to some place.
For example I have this idea, My major is architecture, And i really want focus on my major. So if someone find this idea interesting and want to make it and try it, Where should i take this idea to? Of course a place might be helpful.

What do you think?


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  • Dec 4 2012: I think that many people have already given their ideas away with open source hardware and software. Personally I would gladly give away ideas. The problem is connecting with people who are knowledgeable enough to make an idea into a reality. You might have a great idea for an app, but unless you know how to code, your idea would just collect dust. I think that people with ideas are attracted to TED, because we think of it as an ear for our voices where there hasn't been one before. I love that TED showcases new ideas, but I think they are in a great position to jump start new ideas also. I wonder how many ideas never made it past the minds of their creators, because people just didn't know what to do with them.

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