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A zone for simple first handed , 0 kilometer ideas.

Ok, I have ideas, I always had. I'm really creative human. LIKE MANY OTHERS.
But for the 98% of them i'm not excited, And i don't what to take this idea to an upper level. Maybe i just cannot do it o i don't want to work on it. But i believe it could be cool to find some one who can actually be excited about this idea and take to some level, That for example he/she might have a TEDspeech of His/Her own.
I think with a good social ( of course under internet network) service it might be a good social website focused on people who want share a simple idea, to people who looks for taking a first handed idea to some place.
For example I have this idea, My major is architecture, And i really want focus on my major. So if someone find this idea interesting and want to make it and try it, Where should i take this idea to? Of course a place might be helpful.

What do you think?

  • Dec 4 2012: I think that many people have already given their ideas away with open source hardware and software. Personally I would gladly give away ideas. The problem is connecting with people who are knowledgeable enough to make an idea into a reality. You might have a great idea for an app, but unless you know how to code, your idea would just collect dust. I think that people with ideas are attracted to TED, because we think of it as an ear for our voices where there hasn't been one before. I love that TED showcases new ideas, but I think they are in a great position to jump start new ideas also. I wonder how many ideas never made it past the minds of their creators, because people just didn't know what to do with them.
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    Dec 4 2012: Amir, I read your question and typed "invention ideas" into my search box.

    What popped up first was a site called Creativity Pool, which sounds like what you describe.
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    Lejan .

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    Dec 4 2012: How would you deal with copyright, patent and intellectual property issues?
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      Dec 4 2012: I'm not sure if I'm understanding what you're pointing out, But i answer both of my guesses.
      My first understanding was that you mean that how can we deal with Pr-patented Ideas That comes to mind of some one and shared afterwards. There is a simple point to that. When you have and idea and you want take it to a level, You should first consider all the simple problems. You might just not considering a really simple physical law. Or in this case a copyright law. Doing these are up to the person that want take responsibility to take that idea to the next level.

      But my second understanding which I think was pointing to a great deal (And i'm glad that you mentioned it) was that you mean how can this site deal with patent trolling and other things like that.
      OK as Much as this problem is complicated, I'm not having enough information to deal with this problem. And give you a 99% sure answer.
      But i can give you a simple model that it might work.

      Imagine you are putting an idea into this site. This site put you in an "if/time" license. Which means that "If you are about to share this idea for the first time, And no one before you had patented this idea anywhere, Then Your idea is published under this open license with your name, And if any one cares to join to expand this idea to an actual process Then his name is in this idea with you. But if the idea was patented before, Then your license and agreements are revoked."
      This model is really simple and in my opinion it may not be functional as the laws are really complicated. But I think with more work and some consultations with a lawyer you can get a functional way to deal with that problem.
      And just for the record, I'm just giving an idea, And i cannot simply take it to another level as my government is not really a great fan of openness. (I would have put afford to it though if could.)
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        Dec 4 2012: I truly like your concept, as it aims to connect the 'creative only' people with 'woman and man of action', the 'realizers', so to speak, to kick-start ideas to the market.

        The downside I see, however, does not come by your intention, on the contrary, it comes by many, to many legal systems worldwide.

        For your "if/time" license to work it needed to become an official part of industrial property rights, on which there is no worldwide standard, and the 'inertia' of each legal system itself would undermine the 'ease' and 'efficiency' of your concept.

        A good idea usually comes with no budged attached for its legal protection and this if often the problem. The only site I know which offers a free service for concept design is based on a 'mild' protection, as it enables designer to publish their work on the internet, which is considerd valid to be 'accessible to the public'. This can only be used in a law suit over copyright infringement and for this a designer has to find out about it first, and secondly he must be willing AND financially capable to tackle illegal copyist.

        So if this really works, I have my doubts and the site does not appear professional.
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          Dec 4 2012: Thanks for your comments. I don't know if that might work. Maybe some on has or will have a simple and easy way to deal with those legal problems. But till then, I just wanted to put this idea here, Maybe a great mind in here could find a solution as this place is the world of exchanging open ideas... Anyhow, Thanks a lot!