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How do YOU define philosophy?

What do you consider the [broad] topic and subject of philosophy to be?

Rules? Procedures? Methods? - What are they?

Make your own definition or use another person's you feel is an amazing explanation of philosophy. Got a favorite school of philosophy that seems to work best in most circumstances? Talk about it!

Post a; quote, poem, link to article, blog or anything you can think of!

Be; artistic, creative, innovative and/or practical

The most important question is: "How do YOU define philosophy?"

Topics: philosophy

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    Dec 4 2012: Philosophy was invented so that everybody could be right...... or wrong??
    • Dec 4 2012: I like philosophy that allows me to be right AND wrong at the same time :)
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      Dec 4 2012: Vincenzo and Natasha,
      I agree with both of you:>)

      Actually.....truth be known...and I know this is "right".....
      I think anything Nicholas writes has a very broad base of philosophy, intertwined with logic and rationalization, excluding all rules, because there is no point in rules, which are simply meant to be broken regardless of any rule to the contrary, with or without practical application.
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        Dec 4 2012: That's a really nice compliment Colleen, thank you.
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          Dec 5 2012: You are welcome.....I knew you would understand:>)
      • Dec 5 2012: Hi, Colleen !
        Is there any truth different from opinion ? :)
        ".truth be known "
        Maybe.. yes and of course, but it can't be told, you name it and it's gone .That's why i feel comfortable in between, ' right' and 'wrong' , i believe truth is somewhere there :)
      • Dec 5 2012: :)
        Socrates : What Plato is about to say is false.

        Plato : Socrates has spoken truly.

        Here we have the lier paradox in reverse, but it tells about the same : the limitation of logic :)
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          Dec 5 2012: Dear Natasha,
          You get more and more philosophical every day:>)

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