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How do YOU define philosophy?

What do you consider the [broad] topic and subject of philosophy to be?

Rules? Procedures? Methods? - What are they?

Make your own definition or use another person's you feel is an amazing explanation of philosophy. Got a favorite school of philosophy that seems to work best in most circumstances? Talk about it!

Post a; quote, poem, link to article, blog or anything you can think of!

Be; artistic, creative, innovative and/or practical

The most important question is: "How do YOU define philosophy?"

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    Dec 4 2012: My definition of philosophy is a process of trying to understand the world and the universe by doubting established belief systems (having doubts sounds negative, but it can actually be extremely powerful).

    By doubting, it enables a broadening of my own perspective on life, which then leads to focusing in on those things that go on to reveal themselves to be the most important. This is difficult, because by jettisoning established wisdoms and beliefs, some of the answers I arrive at can get a bit crazy and seemingly lacking in conventional rationality - yet rightly or wrongly it is something I have a very strong urge to stick with.

    I would like to think that my own philosophical thought processes come from the part of the brain that is spontaneous and creative - rather than the part that gets strait-jacketed into following linear thought processes that are so often lacking in essential context.

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