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Debate: Can India be in the queue of future developed countries?

Hello all....

India is an emerging economy of Asia and is considered a strong prospect even by the US. Various measures are also being taken and policies are being formulated to march ahead and be in line with the states like the US and other European countries. But can India be in the list of developed nations with the kind of mentality we Indians have?


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  • Dec 12 2012: hey all thkzz for ur thoughts...very well argued....even i know we indians will be standing next to the US one day...there definately will be a drastic change as we must not forget since indepence we have come a long way....but what my concern is why every time when sm new policy is initiated, sm steps r taken upon there is a wide amount of hue n cry in the country...take eg like fdi, kundamkulm nuclear plant, direct cash transfer scheme, cauvery water transport.....we all want our country to reach and have its best....but the individual interst as well as state interest is not letting things go smoothly after all d gov has to take the whole country together...why then there is a diff of interst everywhere if we all understand evrything n believe that we will be a developed nation...n this is what i meant by mentality n moreover when iam saying "we" means iam also included....(the last last is for GREG....no hard feelings plzz ..m not blaming m just asking)

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