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Debate: Can India be in the queue of future developed countries?

Hello all....

India is an emerging economy of Asia and is considered a strong prospect even by the US. Various measures are also being taken and policies are being formulated to march ahead and be in line with the states like the US and other European countries. But can India be in the list of developed nations with the kind of mentality we Indians have?

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    Dec 7 2012: A developing country is a nation with a low living standard, undeveloped industrial base, and low Human Development Index (HDI) relative to other countries.

    In the case of India, (my opinion) I think the big step has been taken in the form of education. The educational and technical abilities will prove to be the key to a industrial base and with this the rise in living standards. The remaining factor is the economical development and government structure that will enhance the growth of the country on a world scale.

    Perhaps the current government structure and the referenced corruption will prevent the rise of India to its potential.

    Every country had obsticles to overcome. The path is hard but well worth the effort. Work to achieve your goals and the future of your country.

    All the best. Bob.
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    Dec 6 2012: yes india can become next U.S.A but we need more than 2 or 3 decades because In indian goverment all the politician are corrupted they just want to growth of their bank balance. the most important thing is india's education system we have nothing practical knowledge. India's population is 125 cr. but we cant grow up because of this corrupted people.
    We can not compare ourselves to U.S.A.....
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    Dec 4 2012: In my experience the youth of India are highly motivated and highly intelligent. As there is a generational change and Indian people who were educated in places like Australia age and move into areas of influence I think their expectations will drive India's progress to being considered a developed country. Colonialism takes several generations to leave they psyche of the people. You need to get far enough away so that no-one has first hand knowledge. Then being a British colony wil be something that is only in history books. The people will expect progress so progress will occur.
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    Dec 4 2012: What kind of mentality do you have?
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    Dec 3 2012: A change of mentality is important as no nation can rise above the quality of her thought. Population control is also essential; overpopulation puts too much pressure on resources.
  • Dec 12 2012: hey all thkzz for ur thoughts...very well argued....even i know we indians will be standing next to the US one day...there definately will be a drastic change as we must not forget since indepence we have come a long way....but what my concern is why every time when sm new policy is initiated, sm steps r taken upon there is a wide amount of hue n cry in the country...take eg like fdi, kundamkulm nuclear plant, direct cash transfer scheme, cauvery water transport.....we all want our country to reach and have its best....but the individual interst as well as state interest is not letting things go smoothly after all d gov has to take the whole country together...why then there is a diff of interst everywhere if we all understand evrything n believe that we will be a developed nation...n this is what i meant by mentality n moreover when iam saying "we" means iam also included....(the last last is for hard feelings plzz ..m not blaming m just asking)
  • Dec 3 2012: IMO, it is inevitable; eventually, India will develop and thrive. The challenges will be overcome by intelligence and determination. I think one of the most difficult challenges will be corruption.

    I am not aware of any such queue.
  • Dec 3 2012: "Can India be in the queue of future developed countries?"

    Eventually, yes. Scandinavia went from a region with endemic tribal warfare (Vikings), and no cities to being the most developed and successful region in the world, it took 1000 years but mentality did change.
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    Dec 3 2012: Excuse my English as it's not my first language.

    India has lots of stuff to work on conquering the world. The very own integrity of India makes it complex for people to communicate even inside one nation. Let's not forget the high percentage of the Illiterate people in India.

    No offence, it's just my thought.

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      Dec 4 2012: Your English is fine, and when the rest of us don't understand how you are using a word, we can ask.
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        Dec 4 2012: I appreciate your understanding!
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    Dec 3 2012: I'd be very interested to have you expound upon "the kind of mentality we Indians have." I've been thinking that India stands a great chance of being the next United States.