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Will the absence of Religion make the world more peaceful ?

One of my aunts who is an atheist insisted that the absence of Religion will make the world peaceful but according to my observations people always seem to associate themselves into some group and drift away from other communities if you may say so. For example: I live in India where each state has their own language thereby a separation is created by language and there are also people who dissociate themselves from other people based on looks, accent, tastes, preferences etc. So, do you really think that the absence of religion will make the world more peaceful?

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    Dec 5 2012: I believe that religion is a more personal thing than a thing everyone should know about you. I think religion today, keeps many people alive and happy, with all of the bad things that are going on and the things that people are experiencing. Any religion will keep the followers of that religion happy and sophisticated. And it is good to experience many different cultures and religions as well, don't get me wrong. I love the world and it's people, and I think that the absence of religion would not make the world more peaceful, because for me, religion gives me hope. And I look forward to seeing my family members/friends and pets who have already passed, because I could not stand to just think that when we die, we are just gone.

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