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Will the absence of Religion make the world more peaceful ?

One of my aunts who is an atheist insisted that the absence of Religion will make the world peaceful but according to my observations people always seem to associate themselves into some group and drift away from other communities if you may say so. For example: I live in India where each state has their own language thereby a separation is created by language and there are also people who dissociate themselves from other people based on looks, accent, tastes, preferences etc. So, do you really think that the absence of religion will make the world more peaceful?

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  • Dec 4 2012: The absence of war will.
    The absence of competition for each person's share of the earths resources will.
    The stopping of killing life forms, the oceans and the continued degradation of all our ecological, environmental systems will.
    The end of the monetary system will.
    The ridding of the reasons for greed, crime, inequality, poverty, and slavery will.

    So yes, the absence of religion will play a huge part for peace, FINALLY! Something religion has always says is one of its main intentions or purposes, can finally come to fruition if religion would only leave!
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      Dec 5 2012: To be clear, are you saying that the absence of war would make the world more peaceful?

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