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Will the absence of Religion make the world more peaceful ?

One of my aunts who is an atheist insisted that the absence of Religion will make the world peaceful but according to my observations people always seem to associate themselves into some group and drift away from other communities if you may say so. For example: I live in India where each state has their own language thereby a separation is created by language and there are also people who dissociate themselves from other people based on looks, accent, tastes, preferences etc. So, do you really think that the absence of religion will make the world more peaceful?

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  • Dec 4 2012: people need rules & a system - otherwise would be anarchy. religion gave them a simple set of rules "imposed by god" to keep them a bit in their spot.
    Also people have needs that religion fulfils - partly (need to be part of a group, need for structure, leadership, feer of death, need for an "ultimate" goal like redemption, and MOST IMPORTANT : THE NEED TO FEEL THEY MATTER & ARE SPECIAL - which most religion tells them)

    SO... if you take away religion without puting an alternative phylosophical system in place would by worse. The needs religion fulfils so far would go unfulfilled, people would be unhappy, disturbed, violent, etc
    Specialy if you do it by force - they become martyrs.

    If through culture & education you convince people that religion is bullshit & they chose to have another phylosophical system to guide them (like most atheists today) - then things qould change to the better (like Sweeden or Japan)

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