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Will the absence of Religion make the world more peaceful ?

One of my aunts who is an atheist insisted that the absence of Religion will make the world peaceful but according to my observations people always seem to associate themselves into some group and drift away from other communities if you may say so. For example: I live in India where each state has their own language thereby a separation is created by language and there are also people who dissociate themselves from other people based on looks, accent, tastes, preferences etc. So, do you really think that the absence of religion will make the world more peaceful?

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  • Dec 4 2012: Religion is a philosophical following; the world without religion is no more peaceful than the world with religion. Religion has inspired some of the greatest advances, but has also led to the suppression of great ideas. I think religions around the world are going through tough opposition, but their purpose is to create a community. Individualism and personal identity are important but people forget it is impossible to live a life of isolation. Religion serves the purpose of building communities and uniting people a difficult task that many businesses and social events attempt to replicate.

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