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Artificial Intelligence will supersede Human intelligence

Anna Hoffmann said in http://www.ted.com/conversations/1321/what_are_10_things_you_know_to.html
"But Christophe, I am not sure that all human intelligence can be described with algorithms, for example emotional intelligence (as Lee mentions), empathy, the kind of creative genius that creates mind blowing art....
...and if the computers are created by humans, maybe they will be kind of human as well? Or the distinction might become more unclear, what is man and what is machine...."
So this is about the subject

I myself defend the thesis.


Closing Statement from Christophe Cop

How can consciousness arise from algorithms seems to be the main hurdle...
And emotions, and creativity, and sexuality,...

There are thoughts in different directions trying to see how this might (in principle) be done, and what some problems are.

I would conclude that AI can supersede HI, but it seems we don't seem to know how...
How long it will take is difficult to predict, but somewhere between 2 and 100 years would be broad boundaries.

A good many questions have been raised. I guess laymen and researchers might find this debate useful

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    Mar 29 2011: Artificial Intelligence would supersede than Human only if it could think up solutions that humans could not think of. This is possible if AI can make up the relations by itself. Otherwise it is still limited by options and logic of its maker and our human “connecting-dots”.

    Making emotional or rational decisions is one big difference. In the movie I Robot Will Smith is saved only based on calculation of chance for Survival. Regardless of the question if AI will supersede the Human Intelligence, AI should never be allowed to act.

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