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What do you think about wi-fi cameras on school buses that parents can watch to combat bullying etc.

What do you think about wi-fi cameras on school buses that parents can watch to combat bullying etc?

  • Dec 3 2012: An excellent idea.

    There is no right to privacy on a public conveyance of any kind.

    Compared to the cost of the school bus system as a whole, the expense would be trivial and the benefits outstanding.
  • Dec 11 2012: No, never.
    Find a real way to deal with bullying, the bullies and their parents, if that is the young age at which it starts.
    I'm totally against this not so subtle form of brainwashing children into an unknowing acceptance of a Big Brother Matrix where Big Brother is the bully and wants you and me to allow them their form of bullying.

    Get used to it kids. This what Fascism looks like and how it feels in the beginning.
    We tell you and your folks we are the good guys and we are anything but.

    They want to suspend gravity because one child falls off a roof and then risk everyone else falling off the planet.
    In other words, let's protect one by taking away everyone's right to privacy and liberty.

    I agree that there is basically no "right to" on public transportation but there is an invisible line citizens are crossing or are asked to cross when they begin easily believing, thinking and speaking along the lines such as i.e. you don't have a right to.....

    Better make them rights, and better keep them, and if they are gone, better get them back.

    I wouldn't even trust someone to work as an "adult, supervisory enforcer" on buses, whose sole job is to spot and stop bullying. They most certainly would abuse that power and the growth of children is first and foremost with the parents or significant others and not some adult who oversteps their bounds.

    Lejan asked:
    "Do we really need real-time video evidence to deal with this sort of problem? Has it come that far?"

    No it hasn't and one danger is in thinking that way. Not saying you are Lejan but just using your comment.
    Let's look for real solutions, not lazy ideas particularly those that may sound good but are inherently bad if not downright evil, for the repercussions, not that they have or will create, but for the repercussions others will see and use for, and to their advantage to further corral the citizens, who have been called for a long time by rulers "the beast".

    The real Beast would like cameras
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    Dec 4 2012: Well, parents might be too busy these days to watch wi-fi. I somewhat distrust technology and believe in the human touch, human communication. I probably think cameras on a bus do too much to make the kids feel uncomfortable. For example, what if kids wanted to talk about sex among themselves, which is a reasonable thing kids do. The cameras would discourage that, no?
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    Dec 3 2012: Nothing, because it only proves that we are neither willing nor able to trust in what our children are telling us.

    When I was in elementary school, our busdriver really did a great job. Whenever we children became to loud or wild or a fight started, they pulled the bus over, stopped and walked the corridor. You could hear a needle drop when that happened - no breathing, no nothing ... ;o) Busdriver did give feedback to teachers and parents in 'difficult cases' and if a child did not improve, and after a three step warning to their parents, they got banned from school bus service. It never happend during my time.

    'Silent' bullying was no problem either, as we talked to our parents about it, they talked to the parents of 'the bad guys' and a view days later the problem was solved.

    Mild bitchiness like flicking each others frozen earlobes from back-seat positions and during winter times was widely accepted among children. And even though it hurt is was not worth the hussle, because there always was another back-seat, sometime, at wintertime... :o)

    Do we really need real-time video evidence to deal with this sort of problem? Has it come that far?
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    Dec 3 2012: Good idea. But once the bullies know about 'big brother' watching them they will likely do the bullying somewhere else.