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Are professional English teachers who are also native english speakers better than a native speaker calling themselves a "teacher"?

I studied teaching for 6 years. I learned methods for explaining and then methods for helping students remember the class.

Is English teaching just a fun travel life for any native with a 3 month certificate, or is it a profession like being a dentist?


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in murcia most think that a native is better.its hard for a murcian english teacher to ask for 35 e an hour.a bilingual highly trained english speaker is what people look for. Inglesgarantizado is my school and we have 3 spanish girls who teach kids from the maristas and san pablo colegios.They are great teachers but i wouldnt use them for 1a1 conversation.

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    Dec 3 2012: Sorry but my thats one of my problems...cant type at all really and just use periods to cut off sentences...iIwouldnt say language is my obsession..its that kids and adults spend too much time muscling through the memorize phase and little on the play phase.. Many spend too long memoriizing the periodic table while others get it via a nifty song.Or the colors in physiical order with roy g biv while others constantly look at a chart to recall it..History class has become for many memorizing dates places names without playing or thinking about why things happened or caused happenings. Teachers of all subjects should think about the remembering part and make it easy and share ideas.. Publishers should include the easy words like sohcahtoa in math class for trigonometry or HOMES in geography class. english teachers need to be great at teaching a word or structure like You Had Better..in a way that students instantly catch it..Or a social studies teacher can do it in his class when teaching facts related.i just think too many teachers are explaining and students really have the job of memorizing. Living in a country where english is spoken is plan A.. I need to simulate that here in Spain in just 3 hours a week.
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      Dec 3 2012: You are talking about mnemonic rhymes. Yes, sure, if they are 'sticky,' as they should be, any teacher should give them to their students at the very beginning. Some of my teachers did and it really helped, even today.

      And I agree with you not to focus to much on the 'memorizing' part. For languages it also helps to teach about so called 'false friends', which are words who sound alike in a foreign and the native language, yet have another meaning. The German word 'Frieden' which means 'peace' yet sounds pretty much like 'freedom' which means 'freedom' and not 'peace' is a 'false friend' for example. To know where the pitfalls are does help.

      Could you please explain to me what 'You Had Better' means? I don't know what it stands for and maybe 'I Have Better' when I do...

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