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Are professional English teachers who are also native english speakers better than a native speaker calling themselves a "teacher"?

I studied teaching for 6 years. I learned methods for explaining and then methods for helping students remember the class.

Is English teaching just a fun travel life for any native with a 3 month certificate, or is it a profession like being a dentist?


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in murcia most think that a native is better.its hard for a murcian english teacher to ask for 35 e an hour.a bilingual highly trained english speaker is what people look for. Inglesgarantizado is my school and we have 3 spanish girls who teach kids from the maristas and san pablo colegios.They are great teachers but i wouldnt use them for 1a1 conversation.

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    Dec 3 2012: here in murcia spain we have an overdose of natives who say they are teachers but most are not trained.some dont even know why we use the word DO in english or what the past perfect is..and most can explain to you the second conditional but after they fail at getting students to catch it.to be able to produce it quickly..its all very passive in murcia.i try to offer active english..easy explanations i talk simple then activites in class to close the deal then there. there is play with the dough so to speak.until the student can produce it on demand..
    really any native can talk english and if theres alot alot alot of time the spanish will absorb it via osmosis but theres not so much time.And many teachers quote unquote can explain that the second conditional uses the past plus would and the third column of the verb (speak spoke spoken) but after most students cant speak well. PERIOD.the explanation is not the teachers job. the capturing it producing it on demand is the language teachers job..the history teachers is paid to explain in easy terms. so to it is the job of a geology teacher .but the language teacher is not teaching english for students curiosity.its for life and death in murcia spain. English Is The New Money...no english no job its that simple and the monied people get english all they want live in nannies english lang schools in murcia at 1500 a month per kid..you got 2 kids did you say??
    ..its the non monied folks who need teachers.methodology..when the usa army went to europe in ww2 they taught the GIs german french right away by memorizing 500 sentences . and in israel the same for learning hebrew. they told the immigrants to memorize translated form german or french to phonetic sentences in hebrew to say the basics and from there you can permutate new sentences..simply put any one can explain but get the student to produce it on demand thats the TEACHER job.thats my job.
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      Dec 3 2012: If you are a professional English teacher and language most likely your 'obsession', may I provoke to ask for your missing capitals in your writing?

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