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Can anyone prove the existence of a supernatural deity?

I think that any philosophical ideal that isn't governed by the laws of physics will never be proven. Therefore, I guess all gods are just delusion. Whenever a person believes in god, that is because he found his parents doing so. Which means all our beliefs are nothing but a geographical accident!


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  • Dec 4 2012: Science has no way to measure the supernatural. Science has been developed to discover the mysteries of the universe, but there is no way to properly test certain things and this is an accepted fact in many scientific communities. Supernatural events may not be testable at the moment, but there is still the possibility that some day we may be able to track the power of prayer or something else supernatural. Both you and I have no way of developing proof for the existence of non-existence of certain supernatural entities so it falls on us to pick what we believe or do not believe. There are many things we know exist, but have not yet discovered such as how to measure where tornadoes develop. Someday we will find a way to measure these things utilizing science, but to this point we are stuck theorizing.

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