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Can anyone prove the existence of a supernatural deity?

I think that any philosophical ideal that isn't governed by the laws of physics will never be proven. Therefore, I guess all gods are just delusion. Whenever a person believes in god, that is because he found his parents doing so. Which means all our beliefs are nothing but a geographical accident!


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    Dec 3 2012: Even the sciences like physics proceed from first principles that are unprovable, just like religion, philosophy, and mathematics.

    • Dec 3 2012: They can however be disproven and that's what matters.
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        Dec 3 2012: I should have been more clear, sorry. First principles can neither be proven, nor disproven. Anything that could be disproven would hardly be a first principle.
        • Dec 4 2012: I'm pretty sure at least some axioms in mathematics and physics could be disproven through observation of the opposite. For example the discovery of a path between two points that's shorter than a straight line between those points, or an observed violation of conservation of momentum.
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          Dec 4 2012: Saying something is a first principle because it can't be dis proven is a relative say. Because we might not have enough understanding for the universe nor technology that will allow us to disprove the principle. So the idea of "First Principles" are only valid for certain time until new science is developed in a way that shapes our understanding to the universe which will disprove that principle.

          Do you think that at any time before 1940's people were ever able to disprove the so called collar y "One thing can not exist in two places at once?"
        • Dec 4 2012: False. First principles can be so evident that trying to prove them wrong is contradictory. Supernatural deities are not first principles, their are conceptually very complex, and thus not first principles.

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