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Can anyone prove the existence of a supernatural deity?

I think that any philosophical ideal that isn't governed by the laws of physics will never be proven. Therefore, I guess all gods are just delusion. Whenever a person believes in god, that is because he found his parents doing so. Which means all our beliefs are nothing but a geographical accident!


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  • Dec 3 2012: and actualy... if we define "supernatural" being as a being "above" the laws of physics = we are constrained by the KNOWN laws of physics.
    Therefore we can postulate there can be beings more advanced than us (aliens) that can be above our known laws of physics, but constrained by a superior set of laws of physics - unknown to us (yet. or forever)

    So... at this point - for us those beings would seem to be be "supernatural" (as per the definition above) - but NOT GODS/DEITYS (because are not "all powerful", imortal, etc. just seem like that to us at this point, if we take into consideration our known set of limits - which they surpass)

    just like a "being who lives for 1000 years, flies with his fiery magic cape & wields thunder" would be a god to a human person in the year 1000 BC - but which can be a regular human with cool gadgets in a few generations - if science advances continue at this rate

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