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Can anyone prove the existence of a supernatural deity?

I think that any philosophical ideal that isn't governed by the laws of physics will never be proven. Therefore, I guess all gods are just delusion. Whenever a person believes in god, that is because he found his parents doing so. Which means all our beliefs are nothing but a geographical accident!


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  • Dec 3 2012: Well, just for the heck of it, yeah.

    If a Supernatural Deity really did exist, then only A Supernatural Deity could prove it by presenting itself to humanity, and proving itself to everyone on the planet.

    Has it happened? Nope. Been a long time now since humans were first told One was coming back.
    Been a long time since humans were told or read that One existed to begin with.

    And yep, the story, the Deity, the facts and conditions surrounding One, all vary around the world, with different ideas, marching orders, codes, and submissive positions of respect, honor and obedience.

    So that right there would point to there being more than One, all-knowing, all-powerful and all-loving One.

    But for humans to practice all-knowing one another, all-loving one another and all-sharing one another would certainly be all-powerful for one another.

    A few years ago, actually over 5 now, I met someone who asked me if I knew what god was? Being a person who doesn't believe in such a thing, I was ready to respond but thought to myself that I didn't need to exert my ego in that manner and why not just listen? So I did.

    He told me, and I understood in an explosive flash, like a firework exploding in my consciousness, exactly what he meant. It wasn't what most would think but it made perfect sense but the experience of spontaneous understanding was more important and meaningful to me.

    He then got in my face, in a friendly fashion, and told me never to reveal what he had just told me to another person.
    I promised I wouldn't and I haven't.

    Can I prove it? Nope. Do I have to? Nope.

    Actually in one way, the Laws of Physics sort of fit the description of something that is all powerful, everywhere and ever present. And there is practically knowledge of all things somewhere within the laws of physics, just waiting to be discovered. Could be wrong though.

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