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Do humans find it easier to hate than to love?

Reading the paper this morning, which included the usual stories of war and personal violence that occur all over the world, I wondered if humans are more inclined to hate, disagree, dislike, fight, etc., than we are the opposite.

Whatever you think are we changing, getting better or worse, or are we pretty much what we've always been?


Closing Statement from Bill Matthies

Thanks to all of you who participated in this discussion. This is one of those questions where no clear answer is likely, not at least one we'll all agree on, and I enjoyed reading opinions I hadn't considered previously.

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  • Dec 7 2012: Humans are getting worse in my opinion.

    In my case, I've grown up in rural area and the condition of the place where I lived was remarkably better rather than nowadays. People were more generous, patient than people these days, and at least polite and respectful to each other only 10 years ago. My mother used to tell me they even couldn't imagine the events such as weird murder, sexual assault, and any other crimes at that time, but the situation has changed until now.

    There have always been the good around us, but the rate of them is declining. As you know, the world is rapidly changing and people strive to survive and gain profits for themselves keeping pace with that, and they are more self-centered than before. This environmental aspects influence on people in a bad way, so people are getting worse, and vice versa... Here, vicious circle occurs...

    I am far from pessimist, but I am sure that we humans are getting worse.
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      Dec 7 2012: If you don't mind me asking, what country do you live in, and regardless, to what extent if at all do you feel the changes you've observed are the result of changes in your culture? Or we're you referring to changes elsewhere rather than where you grew up?
      • Dec 8 2012: Have you heard about Republic of Korea(South Korea), if you don't mind me asking? I live in Korea. As I know, people all over the world didn't know well about Korea only a few years ago. However, this country has had a high profile in recent years thanks to the incumbent president of USA. According to up-to-date articles, he talked about the education fervor that contributed to Korea's rapid economic development in recent decades. Oh, I feel sorry that I make a long-winded explanation.

        Anyway, there are big cities like Seoul or Pusan, which are major population centers in Korea, but the place where I grew up is totally different from them. I've grown up in rural area, which is sparsely populated and not developed well and cultured.

        Even so, I have more or less negative point of view toward the condition of this world and changes of people, because of the articles about unpleasant events, great and small, all over the world including this country I live.

        For instance, there have been the so called "Murder of Do not ask why." A guy walking along the street and hearing the laughter through a certain house felt like, 'Why the hell do they feel happy? I'm so distressed!' Without any rational reason, he murdered the whole family. It was just because he guessed he must be the unluckiest person alive and the world didn't care.
        Moreover, there were several shooting incidents around the world. I concluded that when people feel a sense of frustration and stressed, they don't put any limits on expressing those feelings anymore in distorted way and the wrong direction. I am grieved whenever I think of the victims then and there.
      • Dec 8 2012: Fortunately, the region where I lived has passed recent years quietly without any big events. People here are more interested in neighbors, generous than elsewhere and willing to help each other well. Besides, there is a ratio of seven elderly adults to three young people in this area, so it is good for adolescents to learn great wisdom such as how to be kind, polite, and considerate, etc. Therefore I was referring to changes elsewhere rather than where I grew up, strictly speaking.

        I am not so sure if I answered appropriately and relevantly. I hope I didn't offend you:)
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          Dec 8 2012: Yes I know Korea well but only a few cities including Seoul. I've done business there a number of times and my family vacationed there along with China and Japan some years ago.

          I believe there are more similarities than dissimilarities between populations. Some of your description of where you live could just as easily describe many small midwest towns in the US, in particular, "Fortunately, the region where I lived has passed recent years quietly without any big events. People here are more interested in neighbors, generous than elsewhere and willing to help each other well."

          Unfortunately too many people focus on differences overlooking similarities and common values. I wish it were more the other way.

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