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Do humans find it easier to hate than to love?

Reading the paper this morning, which included the usual stories of war and personal violence that occur all over the world, I wondered if humans are more inclined to hate, disagree, dislike, fight, etc., than we are the opposite.

Whatever you think are we changing, getting better or worse, or are we pretty much what we've always been?


Closing Statement from Bill Matthies

Thanks to all of you who participated in this discussion. This is one of those questions where no clear answer is likely, not at least one we'll all agree on, and I enjoyed reading opinions I hadn't considered previously.

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  • Dec 6 2012: Hating, destruction, and negativity are easy and mankind has a disposition to sloth. Hence great endeavors, thinking , building, and invention are of the few, not the many. It takes effort to do well and be of benefit. It takes nothing to yield in abandon to appetite and pleasure , just an empty vessel with no reservations.

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