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Interconnection: Let the city streets keep us safe.

Government is trying to get its citizens to stop doing a large number of things, but they should be focused on getting their citizens to do the same things in a better and safer way.

Government wants to reduce speed limits, stop advertising of alcohol as they did with cigarettes, reduce underage pregnancy, create jobs, and save energy. I will bellow express my options on how dealing with a number of issues in an isolated manner is theoretically practical, however interconnecting them makes it possible and benefiting for all parties involved.

Job Creation

• By adopting a 24/7 service, as seen by American brands like KFC and McDonald’s, bus drivers and many more service providers will need to employ more staff, creating hundreds if not thousands of jobs in all sectors.

Drinking and Driving

• With 24/7 bus service, users would be able to enjoy night life of all hours, and still have the ability to hop on a bus and get home. You are less likely to be involved in an accident when your concentration level is not required. Even under the influence drunken drivers are able to drive in peak hour traffic as they know that they're required to concentrate during such times.


• You are less lightly to get mugged /robbed in Hill Brow or Sunny Side then you are in Midrand at 3:30 am. In an environment where there are more people on the move doing their own thing, people out looking to commit a crime would be reduced to isolated spots. ATM bombing would not be possible, as people would be using them at all hours.

Speed limits

• When demand for a service or product is maximized, service providers will be able to reduce prices of goods. The cost of transport will be reduced as many citizens will no longer use their own cars, and saving will follow in many households. This makes savings possible by all.